• Contact your rectuiter on a regular basis.  If you can’t get a hold of them by calling, email or contact them through LinkedIn or other social media websites.  Let them politely know that you are sill available but be patient with them, they want to help you.
  • Send your recruiter an email letting them know your requirements (must have and would like to have requirements), but be flexiable so the recruiter will think of you when a new job order comes their way.
  • Revise and update your resume frequently.
  • Keep a lookout on the agencies websites for their newly posted jobs.  Be knowledgeable about the positions that are open that interest you.  Make sure you qualify for the positions that you are interested in before contacting the recrutier.
  • Build a good relationship with the recruiters you work with.  Network with them.  Give them information about jobs you’ve heard about or people you know who are looking.  This will help them to remember you and call you when something comes in that they know will interest you.

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