Top Reasons to Use a Recruitment Firm

December 8, 2009 in HR Best Practices


With budget constraints remaining a key concern for food and beverage industry employers, you may be tempted to “go it alone” the next time you have a job opening to fill.  But before you start posting to job boards, consider these key advantages a recruitment firm can provide:

  1. Improved focus.  Outsourcing the recruitment process, or portions of it, frees you to focus on more important priorities.
  2. Specialization.  Some recruitment firms, such as Kinsa Group, specialize in specific niche industries.  We have specialized knowledge of where to find and how to attract the high-caliber professionals you need.  Additionally, we stay on-top of the employment market trends, statistics, and benchmarks impacting the food and beverage industry.
  3. Contract labor.  If your needs are short-term or project-oriented, a recruitment firm can provide a specialist on a contract basis.  As the individual’s employer of record, the recruitment firm is responsible for new employee screening, background checks, paperwork, insurance, salary, employee benefits, etc.  You pay a single invoice and save all the workload and risk associated with hiring an employee for a short period of time.
  4. Access.  Recruitment firms maintain robust candidate databases and relationships with passive job seekers.  When your needs are immediate, a recruitment firm can employ aggressive recruiting tactics to deliver highly qualified candidates quickly.
  5. Simplification.  If you are inundated with applications or resumes, a recruitment firm can save considerable time and stress, while ensuring that correct selection and screening procedures are utilized.
  6. Guarantees.  Reputable recruitment firms lower your hiring risk.  If your new hire does not work out, firms like Kinsa Group offer guarantees on placements.  While the specifics vary based upon the services provided, these guarantees reduce the stress, expense, and risk involved with hiring and/or replacing a new employee.

With over 25 years of experience,a dynamic team-oriented staff, and a unique focus on the food and beverage industry, Kinsa is your ideal choice for all your professional search and assessment needs.  Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.