The True Value of Recruiting Services

March 9, 2010 in HR Best Practices


Have you ever paid attention to car manufacturers’ ads?  They show you models that are loaded with extras and then entice you with prices that seem too good to be true – and they usually are.  Because what those numbers in bold print don’t include are all the fees, taxes and options that can literally double your true costs.

It’s the same with hiring.  While you may be tempted to estimate your cost-per-hire based solely on advertising expenses, this figure is only a small part of your true costs (hiring costs for a senior executive can easily add-up to tens of thousands of dollars).  To more accurately appraise the cost of hiring, consider the following factors:

HR Time

  • Developing job descriptions
  • Preparing and placing / posting ads
  • Reviewing résumés
  • Telephone screening candidates
  • HR interviewing
  • Conducting assessments and skills testing
  • Performing drug tests and reference checks
  • Processing paperwork

Other Costs

  • Cost of advertising (classifieds, job boards, other online posting)
  • Legal costs
  • Management interview time
  • Opportunity costs (time HR and hiring managers could be spending on other productive activities)
  • Costs of vacancy in the position
  • Costs of a bad hire (all the costs involved with replacing a new hire who doesn’t work out)

The Value of Recruiting Services
When it comes to direct hires, recruitment and assessment firms such as Kinsa offer tremendous advantages to employers:

  • A wide range of service options to suit your specific placement needs
  • Minimal disruption to your organization and no loss of focus
  • Dedicated, experienced recruiting specialists who can accurately identify the best candidates
  • Ability to directly recruit top candidates (even those who work for your competitors)
  • Value-added services, such as initial compensation ranges, marketplace climate data and position profile development
  • Access to the recruitment firm’s extensive candidate database, as well as regional and national recruiting networks
  • Satisfaction guarantees

Kinsa Group – A Better Way to Hire Food and Beverage Industry Professionals
Hiring on your own can be an expensive, time-consuming and frustrating process.  So why do it on your own?  Contact Kinsa today.  For over 25 years, we’ve delivered highly qualified professionals and senior-to-executive level management candidates through our unique recruiting process.

Our dynamic staff of skilled recruiting professionals will make your next hire a success – guaranteed.