Help Your Young Managers Succeed

March 30, 2010 in HR Best Practices


Ahhh, the young manager.  Better known as the newbie.  The greenhorn.  The tenderfoot.

As if these monikers weren’t burdensome enough, the young manager faces yet another challenge because of his youth – resentment.  You know your new manager has the skills and qualifications to handle his heightened responsibilities.  But too often, more seasoned employees view a fresh manager as a threat, or someone undeserving of high rank.

Help ease the transition for your promising management protege by using these strategies for success:

Give your manager a heads-up.  A less experienced manager may not be prepared for the wave of resentment he may face.  So make him aware of the possibility of hurt feelings or lost pride among his reports.  Remind him that he’s not alone in the challenges he faces and that you’re available to help.

Provide positive reinforcement.  Confidence can be in short supply for a new manager, so tell him regularly that you believe in him.  Bolster his confidence by telling him not to second-guess himself – he was the one you chose for this position.

Help him win over subordinates.  Because he’s newer and younger, advise your manager to initially adopt a “learning stance.”  If he acknowledges the expertise and experience of team members, they will feel less threatened by his new seniority.  Encourage him to recognize the contributions of his subordinates, to establish rapport and build trust.

Teach him to strike a balance.  While he needs to preserve subordinates’ egos, your new manager must also stand tall as a leader.  Make sure he asserts himself by guiding employees and offering opinions on their work.  In addition, remind him to praise team member’s efforts, but not to shy away from coaching them, too.  Help him to set high standards, then give employees enough room to complete the job in their own way – as long as they reach the desired outcome.

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