Why the Lowest Price isn’t Always the Best Value in Recruiting

April 13, 2010 in HR Best Practices


Most of us today are conditioned to look for the best possible price.  In most cases, this makes good economic sense.  But when it comes to recruiting services, the company offering the lowest prices isn’t necessarily going to deliver the best value.

Here are a few good reasons why shopping around for the lowest-priced recruiting services might not be the wisest choice:

  • Quality of recruiting.  To offer you the lowest price, a recruiting firm may be forced to cut back on the quality and amount of service they provide.  They may not be able to afford the same depth of recruiting and screening.  As a result, they may have more difficulty finding the right candidates for your specific needs.
  • Specialization and experience.  Most recruiting firms can find a “warm body” to fill your position.  But unless the firm specializes in recruiting food and beverage professionals, they may not have the depth of knowledge and industry connections needed to rapidly recruit and assess the ideal candidate.
  • Bad placements.  For senior management positions, hiring costs can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars.  Obviously, not getting the right professional for the job can have very costly ramifications.  Consider the following costs of a bad placement:
    • the salary, benefits and overhead of the bad hire for the duration of his/her tenure
    • training costs which you must incur again when the recruiting firm replaces the employee
    • the negative impact on co-workers’ productivity and morale
    • lost business opportunities resulting from errors and poor performance
    • unemployment compensation, severance pay and/or legal fees (in cases where the new hire stays on-board beyond a recruiting firm’s guarantee period)

The bottom line is, many things in business aren’t worth risking.  The quality of your human capital is definitely one of them.

Kinsa Group:  the Best Recruiting Value for Food & Beverage Industry Employers

The Kinsa Group delivers exceptional value through our comprehensive 8-step search and assessment process.  This process ensures that the candidates we present are qualified, able to perform in your organization, and also likely to accept the position should it be offered to them.

When it comes to specialty recruiting services, you get what you pay for.  Trust the Kinsa Group to deliver the talented food and beverage industry professionals your business needs.