It’s hard to believe that some of these actions would occur, but we’ve seen it happen in 2010!

Keep the door wide open for offers, remember…


  •  Hug the interviewer
  • Wear jeans to the interview
  • Feel badly if you are overdressed compared to the interviewer
  • Answer (or play with) your mobile phone while in the interview
  • Discuss your opinion on politics or religion with the interviewer (no matter how ancient)
  • Yawn in front of the interviewer
  • Ask the interviewer if you can work from home (if the job was not presented to you as a home office job)
  • Chew gum during the interview
  • Tell jokes during the interview
  • Smoke during or before the interview
  • Say anything negative about former colleagues, supervisors, or employers
  • Bring up or discuss personal issues or family problems.
  • Ask about salary, vacation, or other benefits until after the offer
  • Act as though you would take any job or are desperate for employment.
  • Forget to contact Kinsa Group and/or the new employer if you decide not to show up for your first day on the job

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