Tips for Capturing the Rapidly-Growing Hispanic Market

August 23, 2010 in Food & Beverage Industry Information


According to projections made by the non-partisan Pew Research Center, Hispanics will comprise approximately 29% of the U.S. population by 2050.

The question is, how will your organization capture its share of this rapidly-growing market?

Over the past few years, research from a number of different organizations, including the Unilever Corporation a TNS study entitled the Hispanic Shopper 360, has critically examined Hispanic shopping behavior.  While the exact statistics vary from study to study, the research as a whole has identified a number of differences in the way Hispanic individuals shop.

Here are a few recommendations from this research to help food and beverage companies reach this market segment:

  • Put your products where they shop.  Hispanic shoppers frequent a wider variety of channels than the total population, and are much less likely than the general market to shop at supercenters.  Convenience stores are especially popular with Hispanic males.
  • Use Spanish in your labelling and advertising.  Research has shown that the majority of advertising/labeling Hispanic shoppers notice is in Spanish or bilingual.  In addition, Hispanics show increased brand loyalty to manufacturers who use Spanish in their advertising.
  • Key-in on their concern for health and wellness.  Heart disease, children’s health and diabetes rank among Hispanic’s top concerns.  They look for food and beverage products with the phrases such as “100% ,” “fresh,” “real” and “healthy.”
  • Think out of the box.  Hispanics are much more leisurely than the average shopper.  They are considerably more aware of and open to in-store tactics to drive purchases.  Consider novel ways you could use packaging and/or in-store displays to attract the Hispanic shopper’s attention as he browses.  Work with retail partners to brainstorm branding opportunities that encourage browsing and spending more time at retail.

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