Hiring Challenges? Food & Beverage Recruiters Can Help You Overcome Them

February 21, 2011 in HR Best Practices



Creating a cohesive team of high-performing food & beverage professionals for your organization is no small task.  Factors like location, lack of time and a shortage of truly qualified applicants can complicate your hiring process.

Here are a few common recruiting challenges food & beverage employers face, along with the ways a specialized recruiter like Kinsa can make the process simpler and more effective:

Location, location, location. If your company has a “less than ideal” location (to put it delicately), you may have trouble consistently attracting the top talent you need.  With a national database of over 80,000 candidates, Kinsa can help you access qualified professionals and executives who are open to relocation.  We know where our candidates are willing to work.  We’ll only refer those who are not only qualified for the position, but also willing to move to your area.

Asking the right questions. When it comes to hiring, knowledge is power.  Asking the right questions when screening and interviewing is critical to creating the ideal match.  At Kinsa Group, food & beverage recruiting is all we do.  Our Recruiters are experts in:

  • assessing the requirements of your available position;
  • determining the major selling points of the opportunity (beyond those listed in the job description);
  • identifying behaviors and attitudes critical to success in the role;
  • crafting the right questions that will determine if candidates are the right fit for your opportunity.

Finding the “needle in the haystack.” Posting on a job board may yield a lot of résumés, but how many of those applicants are truly qualified for the position?  When you require a unique skill set or have an immediate hiring need, a professional recruiting service like Kinsa provides two distinct advantages to recruiting on your own:

  • Shorter time-to-hire. Because we maintain a robust database of a wide variety of skilled executives and professionals, Kinsa can quickly pinpoint candidates with the exact skills and experience you require.
  • Substantial time savings. Sorting through piles of résumés, not to mention screening and interviewing, takes up valuable HR and management time.  Our services keep you focused on your top priorities, while delivering the select few candidates who are genuinely qualified for your available position.

Kinsa Group – A Better Way to Hire Food & Beverage Professionals

As a national food & beverage recruiter, The Kinsa Group has the resources and expertise to quickly and cost-effectively deliver executive and c-level food & beverage professionals with skills, experience and behavioral traits to succeed in your organization.  We use professionally trained interviewers, a wide array of assessments, thorough background checks and satisfaction guarantees to ensure the success of your next hire.