Finding the Right Fit: Is Values-Based Recruiting Right for Your Food & Beverage Organization?

April 11, 2011 in HR Best Practices



One of the biggest challenges facing HR and other food & beverage hiring managers is finding candidates who are the “right fit” for their respective organizations.

But just what, exactly, is the “right fit”?

For many employers, it means finding a candidate who shares the same belief systems and values as the company’s, and who meshes with the corporate culture.  To identify this type of individual, these employers often turn to values-based recruiting.

Values-based recruiting goes beyond examining competencies and experience.  It’s about creating a values match by building a model that outlines behaviors associated with corporate values, and then assessing candidates for those behaviors.  The process typically yields hires whose thinking, values and ways of doing business closely match those of the employer.

But what if your company needs a proverbial “shot in the arm” to fuel its success – a new direction, fresh business perspective or innovative ideas to re-energize your organization?

In a case like this, the right fit for your food & beverage organization will be an individual who, by definition, is not a perfect values-based match.  Rather, this candidate should be selected based on a model that outlines behaviors associated with leading your company in new direction.  To begin this process, your company must first determine new goals, create a list of competencies and values for the available position that will support those goals, and then recruit and select accordingly.

Which type of recruiting is right for your business needs?

Kinsa’s recruiting experts will work with you to determine how to find the right fit for your company’s needs.  Whether you require an individual whose values closely match your company’s, or someone who will bring fresh ideas and perspective to your business, Kinsa’s exclusive recruiting process will deliver only A-level candidates.

During the Position Specification phase of recruiting, Kinsa Group will precisely define who we are searching for and what this person needs to accomplish.  This guarantees that our recruiting is strategic, accurate, and highly expeditious.  A discipline-specific Consultant will work with you to create the Position Profile (performance goals, qualifications, candidate profile, compensation package) and the Marketing Platform (an overall promotional summary of your company’s story, career track and location attractions).

Contact us today to find out how Kinsa’s 8-Step Recruiting Process for food & beverage executives and professionals can deliver the right fit for your organization.