Social Networking Sites Are Powerful Career Building and Job Search Tools

October 11, 2011 in Career and Job Search Tips


Odds are that if you are reading this blog, you are also active on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and perhaps even Twitter.  It’s no longer a secret that social networking sites are powerful  career-building tools. Whether you’re a power-user or new to social networking, here are some tried and true tips to follow:

Find the right site for your career interests. Begin by browsing the different “networks” provided by major sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.  Click through each network’s subfields to determine which sites have areas that match your needs and interests.

Build your profile carefully. When creating a profile for career purposes, make sure that the information you post is accurate and appropriate.  Start by reviewing other profiles, then mirror the style and content of the best ones.

Post content, links and news. Post timely content that highlights your professional area of expertise.  By including relevant links on your profile, you: demonstrate your concern about developments in your industry; position yourself as an informed expert; prove your commitment to improving yourself as a professional.

Garner recommendations. As your online professional network grows, seek opportunities to obtain and post recommendations from superiors, co-workers, subordinates and satisfied clients.  Their third-party perspective gives readers a more objective view of you as a professional.

Strengthen ties to colleagues by posting referrals for them. Nothing will endear you to someone more than helping him in his career.

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