Kinsa’s Contract Staffing – A Smart Alternative for Your Food & Beverage Organization

February 6, 2012 in HR Best Practices



Need to get a new product launched quickly?

Trying to work around a hiring freeze?

Have an immediate need for a high-level professional during a transitional period?

These are just a few of the reasons food & beverage organizations use contract staffing.  In a time when budgets are tight, the economy is uncertain and resources are stretched thin, contract professionals and executives can provide a number of benefits for your company.  Here are just a few:

  • Fill an immediate, short-term need. Take the pressure off of your hiring process by bringing in an interim replacement.  The Kinsa Group maintains a robust database of highly qualified food & beverage executives and professionals who can step in during a period of transition.  Our contract staffing option allows you to rapidly fill a vacancy in an essential position, while you search for a full-time replacement.
  • Test a new concept. Have you ever had to table a great idea, simply because your organization didn’t have the resources to work on it?  From specialized food technologists to senior executives, highly qualified contract employees can be brought in to either manage the execution of a new concept, or support your internal team while they develop new opportunities.
  • Do more with less. Not sure if you need a permanent employee?  Trying to work around a hiring freeze?  Contract staffing is a flexible, cost-effective way to get more work done, without the commitment and risks associated with full-time hires.
  • Meet tight deadlines. Contract staff can supplement your core workforce, accelerate the pace at which projects are completed and ease the stress of tight deadlines and peak demand periods.
  • Access specialized project expertise. Contract professionals are an ideal choice when you want to tackle a new initiative or test a new business concept – without adding to your permanent headcount.  Additionally, you can bring in contract staff to teach your employees new skills without the cost of a permanent hire.  Bringing in someone with specific expertise can save you time and money by shortening learning curves.
  • Evaluate talent on-the-job. If you need a full-time employee, contract staffing allows you to see how an individual performs in your organization and fits into your culture.  Should you want to hire the candidate, you can arrange to convert him to a direct employee.

Kinsa’s Contract Staffing – A Smart Alternative for Your Food & Beverage Organization

Kinsa Group contracts with proven professionals who treat your position as if it were their full-time job.  Because these individuals come from the regular, full-time workforce, their dedication, reliability and motivation are exceptional.

Our contract staffing services allow you to access the highest caliber talent, previously available only through a permanent placement arrangement.  Whether you need to address unique staffing challenges, meet interim staffing requirements or complete critical projects, Kinsa Group contract staffing is a great choice.  Contact us today to learn more.