How Food & Beverage Employers Can Identify High Performers

June 18, 2012 in HR Best Practices



Superstars.  Overachievers.  High performers.

Whatever you call them, you know your organization’s success depends on hiring and retaining them.  The following list will help you identify what sets the best and brightest apart:

  1. They have found their focus.  High performers know their strengths and have found an expression for their talents in the workplace.
  2. They are forward-thinkers – about projects and their own careers.  To thrive, they need to know how what they’re doing now will impact the future.
  3. They are accurate appraisers – of peers, projects, and themselves.  They can spot talent in co-workers and chinks in their competitor’s armor.  Likewise, they recognize their own weaknesses and strive to improve them.
  4. They are self-managers.  Research has shown that high performers consciously apply a systematic approach to every project they tackle.  This disciplined approach makes them more organized, productive, and fulfilled.
  5. They are intrinsically motivated.  While money is undoubtedly important, high performers are fueled from within.  Their need to attain personal and organizational goals is often as great a reward as compensation.
  6. They are optimistic.  High performers see the glass as half-full.  They tend to treat obstacles and setbacks on the job as temporary and therefore surmountable.
  7. They respect other high performers.  Rather than focusing on hierarchy, high achievers operate within a society of mutual respect.  As a result, they will lend a hand to others with talent and help them flourish.
  8. They are results-oriented.  These individuals won’t sit quietly and do a job just because they’re told to.  Top performers need to know how their efforts affect the organization’s “big picture,” and measure their efforts in terms of bottom-line results.
  9. They take risks.  “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” is a personal mantra among high performers.  They do their homework, accept change easily, and are calculated risk-takers.

Kinsa Group’s recruiting professionals are experts at identifying high achievers who will perform well in your organization.  Whether you’re looking for a single plant manager, or a team of food technologists, we offer a variety of search and assessment services to deliver the best and brightest for you.