Looking to Leave Your Position as Food Plant Manager and Start Fresh in Supply Chain? Great Tips on How to Transition Between Careers Successfully

August 20, 2012 in Career and Job Search Tips



It happens to the best of us.

At one point or another, most professionals seek greener pastures within the food & beverage industry.  Some change professions to broaden their experience base; some change careers so that their innate aptitudes more closely match their job; others make the switch because they wake up one morning and realize that they hate going to work.

Whatever your reason for contemplating a career change, know that – with careful planning, focus and commitment – it is possible.  Use these ideas from Kinsa to jump start your transition:

Conduct your research.  Start by researching your desired niches within the industry, using a combination of food & beverage job boards and search engines.  Identify the most in-demand positions that would be a potential fit for your experience, interests and new career aspirations.  If there is a significant skills gap between your existing position and your desired one, determine what you need to do to acquire those skills (job shadowing, volunteering for special project teams, obtaining a mentor and classroom/online instruction are all viable options for bridging a skills gap).  Kinsa Career Edge can provide additional assistance and recommendations as you redefine your career path.

Be flexible.  Breaking into a new segment of the food & beverage industry will be much easier if you keep your options open.  So remain as flexible as you can.  Being willing to relocate, to accept a job that is only a lateral move, or to consider a lower salary to transition into a new industry segment will greatly expand your opportunities.

Revamp your résumé.  Adjust your résumé to more closely match your desired position.  Using the research you’ve conducted, highlight the skills and experiences that will transfer well to the new food & beverage job.  Update your professional summary to reflect your passion and marketable skills for your new career.

Use your existing food & beverage experience to your advantage.  Everyone you compete against for your new job will be smart, experienced and hard-working.  Update your 30-second sales pitch to highlight the benefits your prior job brings to the new one.  Explain to the interviewer how your experience in a different segment of the industry will provide “big picture” understanding other candidates may lack.

Considering a food & beverage career change? 

Kinsa Group’s discipline-specific recruiting professionals can help you succeed.  We will review your career goals, innate aptitudes, work style, management philosophies and any personal circumstances that may affect your ability to make a career change.  To further ensure a successful transition, we also employ online psychological behavioral tests that will objectively assess your personality traits and habits related to your performance.

Best of all, our recruiters will confidentially search for positions on your behalf while you continue working.  Get started with Kinsa today or search food & beverage executive and professional jobs here.