Help Your New Food & Beverage Hires Succeed: Anticipate their challenges to help them reach their (and your company’s!) goals

September 10, 2012 in HR Best Practices



You’ve done everything right up to this point.

Your know your new plant controller has the ideal skills, experience and personality to succeed.  You’ve thoroughly checked his references and background.  He’s enthusiastic about the opportunity and you’re excited to bring him on board.

He’ll be a success, for sure…right?

Don’t just “hope for the best” once you’ve hired a new manager or executive.  Take an active role in ensuring his success.  Use these tips from Kinsa to anticipate your new hire’s challenges and help him reach his (and your company’s!) goals:

Onboard him When you mainstream and orient a new hire, you set the tone for his work experience with your organization.  The more positive that initial experience, the more welcome and prepared the individual will feel in his new position.  This will, in turn, give him the confidence and resources to quickly begin making a positive impact within your company (which is why you hired this person in the first place, right?).

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Manage his performance.  Keep your employee on track by making performance management a daily activity.  Give him honest feedback about what he’s doing right – and what he needs to improve.  Discuss new projects and the opportunities they present for his development and growth.  Talk about overdue assignments or project difficulties and how to resolve them.  Most of all, reinforce the importance of consistently doing a great job.

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Help him set and align his goals.  Make sure your company and your new hire are working toward the same objectives by helping the employee set short-term and long-term goals.  As you work with your new staff member to set higher standards for the next quarter or year, teach him how to create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) performance goals that support your strategic objectives and help him advance his career.

Facilitate positive work relationships.  Job skills are imperative to success, but so is an employee’s fit within your culture.  Even after the formal onboarding process is complete, help your new hire continue to develop and strengthen his work relationships.  Whenever possible, provide insight into your company’s culture and “how to get things done.”  Identify potential mentors and help facilitate the start of a mentoring relationship.  Bottom line, go out of your way to continue to make him feel welcomed – even after the first week is over.

With over 25 years of experience in food & beverage C-level and executive recruitment, Kinsa Group understands the challenges new hires face.  Our 8-step recruiting process ensures the candidates we refer:

  • have the skills and experience to succeed;
  • possess the “soft skills” and personality to thrive in your culture;
  • bring the energy and the best practices to help your company achieve its objectives.

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