The Secret Reasons Executive Food & Beverage Recruiters are Worth the Money

July 2, 2013 in HR Best Practices



Never been one keen on using recruiters?

We understand.  Your food & beverage organization may have an exceptional screening process, sound selection strategies and a great team of employees to show for it.

So why would you need a recruiter?

Top food & beverage executives and professionals are getting harder (and harder) to find. Baby boomers are retiring at an unprecedented rate.  Talent gaps are growing within our industry.  The job search cycle is shortening, which means that the best candidates are on the market for a briefer period.  As a result, despite your best efforts, you may find that it takes you longer to find the right person for the job – if you can find him at all.

Top food & beverage job seekers understand the advantages executive recruiters provide.  A savvy job seeker knows that a recruiter can enhance his efforts, by making sure his resume “cuts through the clutter” – and gets seen by prime employers.  To boot, the best professional for your available position may be currently employed (and using a recruiter to conduct a confidential job search on his behalf).  Bottom line, an executive recruiter like Kinsa can connect you with exceptional candidates who may not respond to your job posting.

Hiring on your own can be more expensive than you think.  While you may be tempted to estimate your cost-per-hire based solely on advertising expenses, this figure is only a small part of your true costs (hiring costs for a senior executive can easily add-up to tens of thousands of dollars).

To more accurately appraise the cost of hiring, consider: HR’s time (developing job descriptions, preparing job postings, telephone screens, interviewing, conducting assessments and background checks, etc.); legal costs; management interview time; opportunity costs (time HR and hiring managers could be spending on other productive activities); costs of vacancy in the position; and the cost of making a bad hire.

Okay, so these reasons may not be super-secret – but they’re important to consider when deciding whether to hire on your own, or work with Kinsa Group.

When working with a recruiter makes the most sense for your organization, Kinsa is the ideal choice for your professional search and assessment needs. With over 25 years of experience, a dynamic, team-oriented staff and a focus on the food and beverage industry, we are uniquely qualified to deliver the A-level talent you need.

We’d love the opportunity to help you analyze your recruiting needs and determine if our services could help you hire more quickly, accurately and at a greater cost savings.  Please contact Kinsa today.