Optimize Your Food Science Resume

February 2, 2015 in Career and Job Search Tips, Resume Tips



Searching for professional jobs in Food Science, Food Technology or R&D?

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Today, Kinsa’s food & beverage industry experts explain how to optimize your Food Science resume – so it stands out and showcases your talent:

Laurie Hyllberg, Vice President, and Robert Navarro, Senior Recruiting Consultant, say that R&D resumes should contain the following:

  • Specific food products as well as general food categories with which you have hands-on product development experience.
  • Company description. Briefly describe each company at which you’ve worked (in italics or lower case just below the company name), because recruiters may not know who they are or what they do. When appropriate, include links to company websites. These make it convenient for recruiters to quickly learn more about an employer.
  • Project leadership responsibilities. Have experience as a project leader? Feature it on your resume. Also mention the departments you’ve worked with cross functionally on new product launches.
  • Management experience. If you’ve managed an R&D department, other Food Technologists or even a Food Science Intern, mention these leadership skills on your resume and include the size of the team you managed.
  • Key industry terms and phrases:
    • Mention “formulation” and/or “benchtop” work experience if you have it.
    • If you have experience from “concept to commercialization,” include this phrase!
    • “White space” is another key term to feature if you’ve developed brand-new products. This industry term stands out more to Recruiters than commonly used ones like “product line extensions” or “shelf-life testing.”