You’re Just “In it for the Money”

March 16, 2015 in HR Best Practices


Negative comments. Misconceptions. Stereotypes.

Professionals in every industry have to deal with them, and recruiting is no exception.

Not every executive recruiter is professional and ethical; sometimes employers’ negative perceptions are accurate. But more often than not, misunderstandings and other challenges stem from a lack of understanding about what we do.

So today, we’re setting the record straight. Below, Kinsa VP Laurie Hyllberg touches on two challenges common to employer/recruiter relationships and shares tips for overcoming them:

1. Recruiters are just “in it for the money.”

At Kinsa, nothing could be further from the truth. To consider ourselves successful, we need both you (the employer) and the candidate (the new employee) to feel as though we’ve created a win-win match that will work long-term. Ultimately, our service and the quality of our placements leads clients to come back to us, time and time again. Between 2010 and 2014:

  • 87 Companies (60%) we made placements with came back a second fiscal year*
  • 53 Companies (37%) we made placements with came back 3 or more fiscal years*
  • 204 Customers (47%) gave us multiple Job Orders within at least 1 fiscal year

*Many of the clients in this survey were brand new to Kinsa in 2013 and/or 2014. As a result, we expect to continually increase the percentage that come back year over year.

2. Recruiters “push the hire.”

Candidate poaching is a reality in today’s tight employment market. To protect our clients from this threat, we do everything possible to maintain momentum during the recruiting process.

Continually moving the process forward helps us ensure that neither the client nor the candidate misses out on the hire. If we let the process lag even a week or two, unnecessary competition can creep in if another employer becomes interested in a candidate. Recruiting momentum prevents this problem. We’re not being “pushy”; we’re keeping our clients’ and candidates’ best interests at heart.

Hire Better with Kinsa

It’s no surprise, really. A more successful relationship with your executive food & beverage recruiter means better hires for your company. Here are three tips to get better results when you work with us:

  • Share your vision of the open position. Help us help you, by allowing us to get to know your company’s “big picture.” Share details about key projects, culture, growth goals and employee benefits. The better we understand your business, the higher the quality of match we can create.
  • Rely on our expertise. Executive food & beverage recruiting is all we do. We know the industry. We understand local employment market conditions. And with nearly 30 years of experience, we know what works. Your best interests are our best interests, and the recommendations we make are designed to increase your hiring success.
  • Provide feedback. Ask internal staff who interact with us to periodically fill out a simple report card. Evaluate the quality of our fills and our service – and share that feedback with us. Open, honest communication will help us identify opportunities for improvement and further customize the service we deliver.

Continuous improvement should be a goal of any business relationship – and your relationship with Kinsa is no exception. Please contact us with your feedback, so we can do an even better job finding optimally fit talent.