Your First 90 Days: 3 More Tactics for Success in Your New Food & Beverage Position

October 19, 2015 in Career and Job Search Tips, First 90 Days in New Job



Congratulations on the new job!

Now it’s time to get to work.

Once again, Kinsa builds on our series of posts designed to help professionals like you (i.e., the newly promoted and hired) to “stack the deck in your favor” during your first 90 days on the job.

This month, we’re reviewing how to use introspection, relationship-building and goal-setting to thrive in your new role.


3 Tactics for Success in Your New Role

Whether you’ve ascended the ranks internally or landed a great job with a new employer, use these tips to ensure success during your first 90 days on the job:

  • Assess yourself. Like it or not, what made you successful in your last position will not automatically guarantee success in your new one. While you learn about the requirements of the role, assess the strengths (and potential weaknesses) you bring to it. Consider the types of challenges you will face, as well as the problems you want to avoid. Then, match these scenarios to your strengths and vulnerabilities, and plan to close gaps which may prevent you from achieving your goals.
  • Build a solid working relationship with your new boss. This point seems obvious, but not everyone does it! Have regular discussions with your manager to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with your position – as well as the entire organization. Doing so will immediately strengthen your connection and build a solid foundation for open, honest communication. Recommended topics include:
    • Your department’s (and the organization’s) current business situation.
    • Goals and measurements for success (see below).
    • Ways to work best together (including preferred means of communication, mutual expectations and your boss’ management style).
    • Resources you will need to do your job.
    • How to simultaneously pursue your professional and departmental goals.
  • Develop 30, 60 and 90 day goals. Once you’ve assessed yourself and your current situation, work with your boss to create SMART short-term goals that:
    • provide a daily road map for your work;
    • allow you to demonstrate immediate, measurable success on the job;
    • position yourself for continued growth.

When you outline short-term objectives, be mindful of the implications your plans may have on other employees. Specifically, be careful not to step on co-workers’ toes to get where you want to be – doing so will only undermine fledgling professional relationships.

Kinsa is In Your Corner

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