Level Up: Food & Beverage Career Growth Tips for the New Year

December 14, 2015 in Career and Job Search Tips



Ready for a career move in 2016 – but aren’t sure how to get the promotion or new job you want?

Kinsa has your back.

Below, we share practical career growth tips to help you “level up” in the New Year and keep your career moving forward:

Career Growth Tip 1: Increase your visibility on LinkedIn.

A national social recruiting survey found that 93% of recruiters said they use LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. The career takeaway? You need to be online to get noticed. Get on recruiters’ LinkedIn radar by:

  • keeping your achievements and skills updated on your profile;
  • choosing a professional photo and relevant, keyword-rich title;
  • networking publicly with your connections;
  • sharing timely news and articles relevant to your segment of the food & beverage industry;
  • joining top food & beverage LinkedIn groups.

Career Growth Tip 2: Change your thinking.

Want to change the way your boss (or a typical recruiter) thinks of you? Start by changing – and expanding – your own thinking. Engaging your brain in novel ways doesn’t just make you smarter; it influences the way other professionals perceive you. Carve out time to learn new things and enhance your career growth prospects by:

  • cross-training;
  • volunteering for inter-departmental projects;
  • following thought leaders (both inside and outside the food & beverage industry);
  • attending industry conferences;
  • reading major food & beverage industry publications.

Career Growth Tip 3: Find a mentor.

A formal mentoring relationship can advance your career by increasing your opportunities for learning, and applying that knowledge more quickly. The right mentor can help you:

  • assess your strengths and weaknesses, and then use those to help you chart a clear career path;
  • challenge you to accelerate your learning, try new things and move outside your career “comfort zone”;
  • facilitate key introductions and expand your professional network;
  • act as your personal champion, recommending you for the position or promotion you want.

Career Growth Tip 4: Consider a lateral move.

Sometimes, you need to move over before you can make your next step up the career ladder. If career options seem limited either within your department or your field, try thinking sideways. Consider the career potential of finding a similar role in a growing food & beverage organization, or of moving to another department within your organization with better growth prospects.

Career Growth Tip 5: Don’t go it alone.

Looking for a partner in your career growth? Trust the recruiters at Kinsa Group. Experts in food & beverage career management, our team can dramatically enhance your efforts by:

  • providing access to unadvertised career opportunities;
  • helping you assess your strengths, weaknesses and interests – to facilitate your long-term career development;
  • assessing your job offers to identify the best options for your career growth;
  • supplying the career guidance, resume feedback and interview assistance you need.

Ready to level up in 2016?

Take the first step. Search professional food & beverage jobs here or submit your resume to Kinsa today.