…when it comes to landing the executive food & beverage job you want, that is.

The cruel truth? Research from TheLadders.com shows that, on average, your resume gets just six seconds’ worth of scrutiny from a recruiter.

Six seconds!

You deserve better than that, and there’s a simple trick to capturing – and keeping – a recruiter’s attention:

Quantify your accomplishments.

Facts, figures and numbers stand out on your resume, because they really allow hiring authorities to picture:

  • the level of work you were involved in;
  • the amount of responsibility you carried;
  • how well you met or exceeded expectations.

Make it easy for recruiters to find the information they need. On your food & beverage resume, be sure to highlight relevant numbers to prove you’re the right candidate for the position. Here are a few examples for a wide range of functional areas:


  • size of revenue generated
  • amount or percent of revenue increase or cost-savings achieved
  • size of P&L responsibility
  • size of budget managed

Employee management:

  • size of staff managed and titles of direct reports
  • number of employees in the plant
  • favorable statistics related to employee productivity, performance, retention and/or internal promotion

Plant specifics:

  • size of the plant (either in number of employees or square feet)
  • number of production lines in the plant

Operations / production accomplishments:

  • number of operating shifts overseen
  • efficiency / productivity increases
  • percent up-time
  • volume of production / yields achieved

Food safety accomplishments:

  • scores for audits, as well as improvement from previous plant audit scores
  • certifications achieved (Organic, Kosher, SQF, etc.)

Sales / marketing accomplishments:

  • sales increases / profit increases
  • size of territory managed
  • number of products managed
  • number of new clients added
  • number / types of new products launched, as well as sales / performance stats for those products
  • include a full or partial P&L if possible to quantify achievements.

Sourcing / procurement / purchasing accomplishments:

  • savings increases per unit
  • quantify hedging successes
  • annual spend / budget

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