Quantify Resume Accomplishments To Get Noticed

May 16, 2016 in Career and Job Search Tips, Resume Tips



Research from HR Dive shows that, on average, your resume gets just seven seconds’ worth of scrutiny from a recruiter. 7 seconds!

Resumes with simple layouts, clear sections and heading titles did best to capture attention. Resumes organized by E- or F-patterns also did well, especially when using bold titles and bulleted accomplishments.

Our Team of Executive Recruiters want you to succeed! Here are our additional tips to capturing – and keeping – a recruiter’s attention:

Quantify Resume Accomplishments

Facts, figures and numbers stand out on your resume, because they really allow hiring authorities to picture:

  • the level of work you were involved in;
  • the amount of responsibility you carried;
  • how well you met or exceeded expectations.

Make it easy for recruiters to find the information they need. On your food & beverage resume, be sure to highlight relevant numbers to prove you’re the right candidate for the position. Here are a few examples for how to quantify resume accomplishments for a wide range of functional areas:


  • size of revenue generated
  • amount or percent of revenue increase or cost-savings achieved
  • size of P&L responsibility
  • size of budget managed

Employee management:

  • size of staff managed and titles of direct reports
  • number of employees in the plant
  • favorable statistics related to employee productivity, performance, retention and/or internal promotion

Plant specifics:

  • size of the plant (either in number of employees or square feet)
  • number of production lines in the plant

Operations / production accomplishments:

  • number of operating shifts overseen
  • efficiency / productivity increases
  • percent up-time
  • volume of production / yields achieved

Food safety accomplishments:

  • scores for audits, as well as improvement from previous plant audit scores
  • certifications achieved (Organic, Kosher, SQF, etc.)

Sales / marketing accomplishments:

  • sales increases / profit increases
  • size of territory managed
  • number of products managed
  • number of new clients added
  • number / types of new products launched, as well as sales / performance stats for those products
  • include a full or partial P&L if possible to quantify achievements.

Sourcing / procurement / purchasing accomplishments:

  • savings increases per unit
  • quantify hedging successes
  • annual spend / budget

Looking for Assistance to Craft A Professional Food & Beverage Resume?

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May, 2016 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.