Job Search Not as Hot as the Weather?

June 13, 2016 in Career and Job Search Tips



According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics employment data:

  • The unemployment rate declined by .3% in May to 4.7% – the first significant drop since August 2015.
  • Total job openings are holding steady at around 5.8 million, and job openings within nondurable goods manufacturing jumped markedly from the previous month’s data (from 170,000 openings to 202,000 openings).

That’s great news if you’re searching for your next executive food & beverage position this time of year…but little consolation if you’re not getting the interviews and offers you want.

Trust us: food & beverage employers are hiring – even during the summer months! If your job search results feel a little “frozen,” use these tips from Kinsa to fire up your job search – and land a hot opportunity:

Nurture your personal brand.

Regardless of the time of year, your personal brand is one of your most valuable job search assets. If you want to get noticed by the right people, use the summer months to hone your “unique selling proposition” or USP (i.e., the unique benefit or value you offer a potential employer):

  • revisit and tweak your USP to make sure it truly sets you apart from your competitors;
  • update and polish your resume to reflect your most recent accomplishments and newly acquired skills;
  • build out your LinkedIn page by garnering recommendations, fleshing out your experience and adding your latest projects.

Increase your visibility.

During the summer months, productivity and focus tends to diminish for even the most diligent of employees (including hiring managers). They may spend less time on core activities and a little more time on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Maximize your opportunity to get noticed by showing up in key decision-makers’ feeds. Publish articles on LinkedIn, start discussions in relevant LinkedIn Groups, build your social media following, or post insightful comments on target employers’ Facebook pages.

On the flip side, your competition may buy into the “summer hiring slowdown” myth – and take their eyes off the prize this time of year. As a result, other food & beverage professionals’ motivation and dedication to the job search may be faltering right now. Take advantage by grabbing the spotlight (i.e., applying to open jobs) while fewer job seekers are vying for hiring managers’ attention.

Schedule informational interviews.

Interviews not pouring in? Set them up yourself. Even if a target employer doesn’t have an active job posting in your area of specialization, it doesn’t mean they aren’t scouting for great talent. And with hiring managers a little less pressed for time, an informational interview provides the perfect opportunity to make a great impression in a low-stress setting.

Informational interviews offer a host of benefits, even if you’re a seasoned professional. You can:

  • expand your professional network;
  • set yourself apart from the crowd;
  • gain valuable insider feedback on potential future job openings;
  • sharpen interview skills that may have become a bit “rusty” from disuse;
  • practice selling yourself and your newly tweaked personal brand.

On the job hunt this summer?

Kinsa has the hot opportunities you’re seeking. With over 25 years in food & beverage recruiting, Kinsa has the drive, experience and network to match you with your ideal food & beverage executive or management position. Get started with Kinsa today or search food & beverage executive and professional jobs here.