Hiring in 2018? Here’s the Best Advice You’ll Ever Get.

January 2, 2017 in HR Best Practices



Hiring food & beverage professionals?

Then you know how tough the talent market is right now. Candidate shortages will continue well through the New Year, with no immediate relief in sight.

Make it a Happy New Year!

If your 2018 plans include hiring, we’re here to make things a little easier for you. Our food & beverage executive recruiters have rounded up this year’s best advice for recruiting, interviewing and landing the high performers you need:

Interview Smarter – and Find Your Ideal

In a job market where top professionals receive multiple job offers, food & beverage candidates size you up as much as you do them. If you appear unprepared for an interview, it sends the message that you’re disorganized, disinterested or working for a poorly run organization. So make like a Boy Scout, and be prepared! This post contains practical tips for planning and conducting intentional interviews that will help you hire your ideal candidate:

Move Beyond Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral questions are undeniably important in assessing a candidate’s viability, but they’re only one part of a comprehensive food & beverage interview. If you want to gauge how serious your candidate really is about the role, you need to ask “non-behavioral” questions, too. In this post, we explain the value of “non-behavioral” questions and share several examples you can customize and incorporate into your next interview:

Should You Hire Overqualified Food & Beverage Talent?

An overqualified candidate raises red flags for a number of reasons. They may quickly become bored, dissatisfied and restless in your organization – and “jump ship” as soon as another good opportunity comes along, right?

Well, these arguments sound logical, but they’re not supported by research. Only you can decide if a candidate is right for your organization, but here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t fear hiring overqualified food & beverage professionals:

How to Reject a Great Applicant

When a candidate is obviously a bad fit, rejecting them is pretty straightforward. However, there may be times when you interview a great applicant – maybe even the perfect applicant – but, for some reason, you need to reject them. In this post, we outline two common situations in which you may need to turn a good candidate away, and offer practical tips for handling this tough situation professionally:

Hiring in 2018?

Trust Kinsa to help you interview smarter – and hire your ideal food & professional.

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