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July 31, 2017 in Webinars on Kinsa CareerEdge



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Presentation Title:  People Talk – What Are They Saying About You?

Date:  Tuesday, August 1st

Time:  12:00 pm EST (9:00 am PST, 10:00 am MST, 11:00 am CST)

Description:  Technology has changed the job search process forever.  In the past, people only talked about you when they were contacted during a reference check.  Now people leave an impression when they recommend you on your LinkedIn Profile or talk about you on any Social Media site.  How does what they say, impact your job search?

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Presentation Title:  Lack of Interviews? It’s Your Resume!

Date:  Tuesday, August 8th

Time:  11:00 am EST (8:00 am PST, 9:00 am MST, 10:00 am CST)

Description:  In this webinar, we will discuss why your resume is not getting results or scoring interviews.  Learn the do’s and don’ts of resume writing and turn your job search around.  No matter if you are an entry-level or C-level executive—we will talk about resume writing tips you need to implement now.

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Presentation Title:  How to Create a Blueprint for Success in your Job Search

Date:  Wednesday, August 16th

Time:  2:00 pm EST (11:00 am PST, 12:00 pm MST, 1:00 pm CST)

Description:  Regardless of your job status, goals are an important topic for all of us.   If you don’t have momentum, right now is the time to create a powerful plan to get you going.

The good news is, this webinar will show you everything you need to know in a very simple way! Let’s make the changes now so you can get back on the right track immediately.  Learn how to create an easy to follow blueprint that you can design with all of your goals in mind.

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Presentation Title:  Become a Stealth Networker and Find a Job

Date:  Tuesday, August 22nd

Time:  2:00 pm EST (11:00 am PST, 12:00 pm MST, 1:00 pm CST)

Description:  Most job seekers find their job through networking – what about you?  If networking is not your strength, this webinar was written for you!  During this session, we will address the following:

  • How to network effectively
  • Who should be in your network
  • How to turn networking contacts into interviews

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Presentation Title:  Is Your Job Search Taking Longer Than Expected?

Date:  Wednesday, August 30th

Time:  3:00 pm EST (12:00 pm PST, 1:00 pm MST, 2:00 pm CST)

Description:  If you answered yes to that question, you can’t keep conducting your job search the same way and expect different results.  It just won’t happen!  If you don’t have a knot in your stomach or lump in your throat, chances are you are in your “comfort zone” and that’s not a good place to be when you’re conducting a job search.  During this session, we will address the following:

  • Learn why your job search may be stalled
  • Understand three things you can do today to turn your job search around
  • How to gain and keep momentum going, until you accept a job offer

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