Interviewing for a Food & Beverage Position? Start Here.

August 21, 2017 in Career and Job Search Tips, Interview Tips



Are you under- or over-prepared?

Are you asking smart questions – or just monopolizing the conversation?

Are you coming across as confident – or aggressive?

With so much interview advice available online today, it can be tough to know which recommendations are right for you. But don’t worry; just trust our experts! Today, Kinsa presents our best interview tips, specifically tailored to your executive food & beverage job search:

Interview Preparation: How Much is Too Much?

Memorizing your elevator pitch may make you confident. But if you’re too focused on regurgitating a script, you won’t be fully present – which can make you appear preoccupied. Don’t want to sound like a robot in your next interview? Use Kinsa’s tips to be adequately prepared, authentic and in the moment:

Be Prepared to Answer These Standard Food & Beverage Interview Questions

While you certainly don’t want to sound over-rehearsed, adequate preparation is critical to making a great impression on your interviewer. If you’re searching for a professional or executive food & beverage position, be prepared to answer these questions:

Ask This “Silver-Bullet” Follow-up Question to Land the Job You Want

Is there a single follow-up question that can set you head-and-shoulders above other candidates? Actually, there are several! In this post, our recruiters share their favorite “silver-bullet” questions that will help you distinguish yourself as a must-hire candidate:

The Telephone Interview: Tips for Success

Telephone screening interviews are a popular tool employers use to weed-out unqualified applicants and decide which candidates warrant an in-person interview. If you’re scheduled for a phone interview, these eight tips will help you prepare and follow the “rules of engagement” for this unique interview situation:

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Then, contact a Kinsa Group recruiter. Experts in executive and c-level food & beverage recruitment, our insights can bring you one step closer to your ideal opportunity, including roles in:

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