Interview Smarter: And Find Your Ideal (part 3 of 3) Close Strong and Keep in Touch

October 9, 2017 in HR Best Practices, Interview Tips



In a job market where top food & beverage professionals receive multiple job offers, candidates size you up at every stage of the hiring process.

So while you may have prepared thoroughly for the interview, and asked both behavioral and non-behavioral interview questions, your job is far from done. If you want more talented candidates to accept your offers, you need to close strong! Before you dismiss a candidate, make sure you do the following:

Listen more than you talk.

Naturally, you will lead the majority of the interview – but that doesn’t mean you should do the majority of the talking. If you spend too much time selling the opportunity and talking “at” the candidate, you miss an important opportunity to make them feel valued. A good rule of thumb for a successful food & beverage interview? Listen twice as much as you speak.

Answer any questions they have.

As the interview winds down, ask what specific questions the candidate has about the role or your organization. There’s no way you could have covered everything the candidate wants to know, so open the floor and let them take control. Probe to see if they have any reservations about the position; addressing hidden concerns gives you the opportunity to alleviate them and improve the chances your offer will be accepted.

Tell them what to expect.

Prevent communication vacuums the lead to candidate drop-off by giving your interviewee the information they need:

  1. Explain the next steps in your recruiting process.
  2. Clarify how and when the individual will hear from you next.
  3. Be honest about how many other candidates you are considering.
  4. Review your hiring timeline, providing a reasonable estimate of when you might be in a position to make a decision.

Don’t forget your manners.

In any interview, etiquette matters. Escort your candidate to the door or elevator bay, shake their hand, and thank them for their time. These small acts of propriety leave a lasting, positive impression of your organization, which can make all the difference when it’s decision time for your interviewee.

Keep in touch.

Live up to your commitments regarding candidate follow up. And, regardless of the outcome of their interview, call each candidate who makes it to the final round with your decision. They will remember the way you treated them and be more likely to apply again or refer other great people to your organization. A canned email may be efficient, but a brief phone call goes a long way toward maintaining your professional reputation in the industry.

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