Don’t Interview Another Food & Beverage Professional – Until You Invest 15 Minutes Doing This:

January 8, 2018 in HR Best Practices



Want to dramatically improve your quality of hire?

Before you interview another food & beverage professional, take 15 minutes to read our most popular interview advice posts. You’ll find everything you need to break through a candidate’s interview façade, prompt more meaningful discussions and reveal whether an individual really has what it takes to excel in your organization:

7 Exceptionally Revealing Food & Beverage Interview Questions

Thanks to search engines, food & beverage candidates can easily find the best answers to common interview questions online. If you’re still relying on “old standbys,” you’re probably getting well-rehearsed answers that tell you little about a candidate’s true nature. To make better quality hires, you need to move beyond typical questions. In this post, Kinsa shares our favorite interview questions that cut to the chase – and tell you what you really want to know:

Want the Upper Hand in Your Next Food & Beverage Interview? Read This!

In a job-seeker’s employment market, it’s important for you to understand a candidate’s true motivations and career goals. After all, you need to be sure your new hire will stay with your organization long-term.

At the same time, you must also position your opportunity as a smart career move. So, in addition to planning standard questions, customize the sample interview questions in this post to prompt discussion, “sell” the opportunity and accurately evaluate an individual’s potential fit within your organization:

The Big Reveal: Interview Follow-up Questions and Probing Techniques

The best candidates are often experts at interviewing, and they know how to say exactly what you want to hear. In other words, they’re pretty tough nuts to crack! To help move beyond “canned” responses and assess a professional’s suitability for a role, you need to dig a little deeper with solid follow-up questions and probing techniques. These tips will help you clarify responses and get more complete answers to your questions:

Kinsa Group – A Better Way to Hire Food & Beverage Professionals

Hiring your ideal shouldn’t be a struggle or feel like a game. If you could use help with the process, we’re here to make things simpler, quicker and more successful.

As the North American leader in executive food & beverage recruiting, Kinsa leverages decades of experience, national reach and unparalleled industry expertise to deliver executive and c-level food & beverage professionals with the skills, experience and personality to thrive in your organization. Our professionally trained interviewers are experts at uncovering a candidate’s true talents, personality and motivations – to ensure the long-term success of your next hire.

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