What’s Hotter Than the Weather?

May 28, 2018 in HR Best Practices



Employee retention!

With the national unemployment rate the lowest it’s been since 2000, talent is in extremely short supply. In conditions like this, it’s quite possible that:

  • Your top-performing executives and professionals are considering other opportunities that pay more, offer greater potential for advancement, or better meet their need for work/life satisfaction.
  • Your competitors are actively trying to lure exceptional professionals away from your food & beverage organization.

You work hard to recruit and hire great people. In a hot job market, here’s how to protect what’s yours – and keep your best employees and candidates in the fold:

5 Smart Investments to Increase Job Tenure for High Performers

As millennials continue to take over the workforce, smart food & beverage employers are revamping the tools they use to engage, motivate and reward employees. What keeps millennial food & beverage professionals loyal and happy? In this post, our food industry headhunters share five things high-performing Gen Y professionals want from an employer:

It’s Time to Renew Your Vows (with your employees!)

As the talent market continues to tighten, job seekers have more options than ever – increasing the likelihood they will jump ship in favor of a better opportunity. If you want to keep your best food & professionals committed to your organization, you must renew your commitment to them. This post explains the concept of “re-recruiting” employees to meet their growth needs, demonstrate your ongoing commitment to their success, and increase job tenure for your best and brightest professionals.

Tips to Prevent Candidate Drop-off and Poaching

Plentiful job opportunities. A protracted hiring process. Outright poaching. In today’s talent market, factors like these cause organizations to lose more than their fair share of candidates. If you’re recruiting food & beverage professionals, you know how much time and effort goes into sourcing, screening, interviewing and vetting them – and how demoralizing it is to lose a great candidate right before the offer stage. What can you do to improve candidate retention? This post provides four practical suggestions to minimize drop-off, prevent poaching and convert more promising candidates into employees.

Onboarding for Employee Retention

The initial impression your organization makes on a new employee sets the tone for your working relationship. Ultimately, the way you treat them can mean the difference between their long-term commitment and their willingness to leave for the next best offer. With up to 20% of employee turnover occurring within the first 45 days of employment, make sure you’re onboarding your employee with retention in mind. This post shows you how.

Collectively, these four posts clearly explain why and how your retention efforts should start from the moment a candidate applies to a food industry job with your organization – and continue throughout the employment life cycle. By being proactive, and providing what your best talent values most, you can maximize their job tenure and performance.

Better employee retention starts with making better hires.

With decades of experience in food & beverage C-level and executive recruitment, Kinsa Group knows how to recruit for longevity.  Our recruiting process ensures the candidates we refer:

  • have the skills and experience to succeed;
  • possess the “soft skills” and personality to thrive in your culture;
  • bring the energy and the best practices to help your company achieve its objectives.

Need professional, managerial or executive talent? As your food and beverage search partner, we’ll help you find your ideal – even in today’s market.