7 Ways to Cure the Out of Work Blues

February 4, 2019 in Career and Job Search Tips



“Who needed that job anyway?”

You’ve defiantly asked that question dozens of times, attempting to convince yourself that you’re “just fine” – and immune to the fact that you’ve been out of work for weeks.

But the truth?

You’re frustrated. Overwhelmed. And even a little depressed.

If you’re between jobs in the food & beverage industry, give yourself a break. It happens to the best of us, and it’s natural to feel down! But defense mechanisms and self-pity won’t do you any good right now. What you need is some real motivation to move on – and that’s exactly what today’s post is all about.

Curing the “Out of Work Blues”

Use these tips from our food industry executive search firm to find the silver lining in the frustration and disappointment you’re experiencing – and move from “singin’ the career blues” to seeing some green:

  1. Know you’re not alone. Feel like the only professional in the world who’s lost their job? Get real. Amazingly successful people like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney (the list goes on!) dealt with crushing rejection before achieving greatness in their career.
  2. Shift your world view. Pessimism doesn’t have to be part of unemployment; your attitude is something you choose each and every day. Resolve to adopt a positive mindset by intentionally looking for the good in experiences and circumstances. Incremental improvements in your perspective will mitigate the effects negativity has on your job hunt.
  3. Create a protective zone of positivity. News, TV shows and social feeds can trigger your anxiety under the best of circumstances; immersing yourself in depressing content when you’re unemployed will only leave you feeling more dejected. Instead of anesthetizing yourself with screen time, lift your spirits with positive (real) people and inspirational, educational content.
  4. Increase your activity. Exercise has been shown to release feel-good chemicals in the brain that boost mood, while increasing energy levels and motivation. Commit to physical activity every day and you’ll sleep better, have a more positive outlook and create a powerful, protective emotional buffer.
  5. Inventory what you do best. Write down your accomplishments, experience, job skills, soft skills and strengths. Then, use them to fortify your resume and your mindset. When you find a great job to which you want to apply, knowing what you do well will replace paralyzing self-doubt with evidence-based confidence.
  6. Visualize what you want. Research has shown that when you picture success in your mind’s eye, your brain stores that information as real success. Even better? Visualization is a tool that’s always available to you – and completely free!
    • First, clarify the outcome you want (e.g., a 6-figure, director-level manufacturing operations position).
    • Then, detail the steps you need to take to get there.
    • Imagine yourself overcoming each obstacle that may impede your progress toward your goal.
    • Visualize yourself performing every step in a successful job search, and ultimately thriving in a great new food & beverage position.
    • Throughout your job hunt, set aside time each day to recap your progress and conjure a mental picture of yourself employed, happy, secure and successful.
  7. Create a daily routine. Complement your disciplined mindset with real action. While you’re out of work, create (and stick to) a schedule of intentional jobs-search activities (e.g., searching and applying to food & beverage jobs, building your personal brand, networking online and in person, and conducting informational interviews). Having a daily schedule will reduce your anxiety by giving you the same sense of purpose you had while employed.

Tired of “singin’ the career blues”?

Talk to the experts here at Kinsa. Our Executive Recruiters will:

  • review your career goals, aptitudes, work style, management philosophies and transferable skills;
  • help you polish your resume and brush up on your interviewing skills;
  • provide tips for framing your unemployment constructively in a job interview;
  • connect you with interim opportunities to earn money and stay upbeat while you search for a direct role;
  • shorten your search for your ideal food & beverage opportunity.

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