How to Write a Job Post Like a Pro

April 22, 2019 in HR Best Practices



Are you struggling to attract the right candidates to your jobs? As competition for high-quality talent becomes increasingly prevalent in the food and beverage industry, employers must be proactive in implementing an effective hiring strategy. A significant part of any successful hiring process includes developing job descriptions that accurately and creatively convey your job opportunities to the most coveted candidates on the market. In many cases, a job posting is the first thing a potential candidate may see about your company. You only have one chance to make a positive impression on your ideal candidates – make it count!


If you’re tasked with writing job descriptions for your organization, here are three important tips to keep in mind:


Provide key details about the position  

As you write your job descriptions, it’s paramount to highlight what the job can offer the candidate in terms of day-to-day responsibilities and expectations. Remember, most job seekers want to know how a position directly aligns with their vision and goals. Therefore, it’s important to provide clear and easy-to-understand details about the position, including professional development opportunities at your organization. Taking this approach will help you attract candidates who are not only genuinely interested in your company, but also meet or exceed your stated qualifications. Along these lines, it’s best to avoid vague or overused phrases that tell the reader very little. For example, instead of saying, “must provide training,” you may state, “must train entry-level workers on best sales techniques and practices.” When it comes to generating interest from the right applicants, being transparent will allow candidates to get an accurate overview of the opportunity so they can assess whether they’re a good match before applying.

Know your ideal candidate profile

With varying types of positions in the food and beverage industry, it’s essential to know what type of candidate you’re seeking for the job at hand. Once you identify your “ideal candidate,” you can then work backwards to craft a job description that targets that type of professional. For example, if you’re looking for a high-level food and beverage manager, your job description should reflect managerial skills, such as forecasting and budgeting, problem-solving, and an ability to work well with others.

As you outline the job’s requirements, one of the most important steps you can take is to illustrate how these skills will be used in the role. For example, will the individual be expected to recruit, hire, evaluate and train new staff on a monthly basis? If so, you may state, “Must possess strong communication and leadership skills to hire, train and manage new staff.” Rather than simply list a long list of skills, explaining how these skills would be applied on the job will prove to resonate more with qualified candidates. Clearly stating your required skills – and how these skills are applied on the job – will be crucial in helping to weed out candidates who aren’t fully qualified.

Be specific about non-negotiable requirements

While there may be facets of your job description that are flexible in nature, there are likely a few qualifications of the job that must absolutely be met. Being direct about requirements that are non-negotiable will prevent you from wasting time on candidates who are not cut out for the position. It’s important to state all the background requirements candidates must bring to the table, such as a certain degree or number of years of experience. In your descriptions, you may consider underlining or emboldening these required qualifications so they’re easily noticed by candidates. Though this doesn’t have to dominate the job description, candidates should be aware of what qualifications they need to be considered for the opportunity.


By incorporating these tips in your hiring process, you’ll gradually enhance the quality of candidates in your talent pool and grow your workforce with employees who are experts in their areas of expertise. Over time, finding the best employees will not only elevate your company’s performance at large, but improve retention for the long haul.


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