It’s 2019. Improve Your Interview Process or Candidates Will Walk Away.

September 9, 2019 in HR Best Practices, Interview Tips



Are your best candidates dropping like flies? With competition for top candidates greater than ever, securing top talent has become a major challenge for many companies. However, what many hiring managers don’t realize is successful hiring in the food and beverage industry starts with an effective interview process. Part of improving your interview process involves asking the right interview questions to specifically gauge candidates’ potential fit within your organizationIn addition to asking the right questions, there are many other factors involved in creating a top-notch experience for potential employees who come through your doors. Having outdated interviewing protocols can cost you much more than great candidates – it can ultimately harm your company’s reputation 


If you’ve struggled recently to get candidates to sign on the dotted line, ask yourself how long it’s been since you’ve revisited your interviewing protocols. Here are some strategies to consider implementing immediately:  


Align your interview process with company values.  

Aligning interviewing with company values is critical for acclimating candidates to your company’s culture and exposing them to your mission as an organization. For example, if your company values fairness and transparency, your interview process should keep candidates fully informed and engaged from the point of application through the point of hire. Incorporating your employer brand in every aspect of your hiring – from job descriptions to interviews  will reinforce your values to candidates, making them want to be part of your culture.  


Create a memorable experience.  

A candidate’s interview with your company will serve as their first impression of your organization. Taking steps to create a memorable experience for candidates is essential for ensuring they feel valued and respected for their time and talents. A few ways to create a memorable experience for candidates include exhibiting fluid communication by efficiently responding and confirming interview details; respecting candidates’ time by starting interviews on time; and getting back to candidates about their hiring status in a timely manner. While it may seem simple, promptly responding to candidates’ questions or concerns and keeping them fully updated throughout the process, is a significant part of setting the right tone and delivering a positive experience.  


Gather feedback from candidates.  

There’s perhaps no better way to get feedback about the “candidate experience” than from candidates themselves! Implement candidate experience surveys that gather feedback from applicants about their experience applying and interviewing at your company. When developing candidate surveys, be sure to respect candidates’ privacy; keep surveys short; and include open-ended questions that allow candidates to provide qualitative information about their thoughts. Analyzing the feedback generated by your surveys will allow you to make meaningful changes to your hiring process and ultimately enhance the candidate experience.  


Regardless of how refined your interviewing approach may be, there’s almost always room for improvement. Embracing the strategies above will not only transform your interviewing process from the ground up but improve the quality of talent you hire and retain for the long haul.  


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