Building Your Employer Brand: Treat Your Next Interview Like a Sales Pitch

September 23, 2019 in HR Best Practices, Interview Tips



Have you developed a top-of-the-line interview process, only to have candidates continue to reject your offers? There’s one piece of the puzzle you may be missing – branding. Branding isn’t just part of a company’s marketing function; it’s a core component of attracting and retaining talent and is integral to any successful hiring strategy. In today’s job market, employer branding is critical for all companies, especially those in the food and beverage industry. As it becomes more difficult to secure highquality candidates, it’s never been more important to showcase what you stand for as a company during every step of the interviewing process.  


It may surprise you that interviews present a prime opportunity to highlight your company’s value proposition to candidates. With the right approach, treating interviews like a sales pitch can help you effectively project your employer brand to candidates in the best way possible. Here’s how to get started:  


Use visual storytelling.  

In today’s digital age, visuals are one of the most powerful tools hiring managers can use to tell their company’s story. Candidates today – especially those of younger generations – are often seeking employers who have more to offer than just a paycheck. They want to be part of a company culture that values collaboration, growth and philanthropy. One of the ways you can incorporate visual storytelling is by sending candidates a video about your company prior to their interview. This will give them a better sense of your employer brand and what they can expect as a potential employee on your team, setting the stage for a positive interview experience.  

Kinsa Group developed this blog’s featured image to visually represent our company’s culture to external talent, internal employees, and our customers.  We have a uniquely Team-Oriented environment that is Solution-Focused when recruiting talent for our clients. We expect our team to communicate with Optimism, and yet, to be Candid with each other, with the talented professionals we recruit, and with the clients we serve. Whether the team is having Fun, Proudly celebrating a great employment match or providing Candid feedback that leads to search success, we come together as a Trustworthy recruiting partner to fulfill commitments to our clients, our organization, and our Account Manager-Recruiter team.


Highlight what sets you apart.  

Chances are candidates you speak with have researched and considered jobs at competing companies. While you should never speak badly about a competitor, it’s helpful to address how your company is different than the competition. For example, do you offer flexible start- and end-time policies, continuing education opportunities, ample paid vacation time, on-site lunch options, or a casual dress work environment? Discussing what makes your workplace unique can elevate you as an employer in the minds of candidates and position you as offering a more desirable culture. By highlighting what sets you apart from other employers, you’ll show candidates you take an innovative and forward-thinking approach to your workforce.  


Make hiring a team effort.  

One of the best ways to make a strong impact on candidates is by involving other members of your team in the hiring process. In addition to hiring managers, consider having some of your other employees speak with candidates about the operations of their respective departments and provide insight about a typical day at the company. Exposing interviewees to other employees will humanize your hiring process, making it easier for candidates to learn about what it’s like to work on your team. Remember, your employees are the best ambassadors for your company. Putting them at the forefront can result in a more transparent and integrative hiring process that will put candidates at ease.  


While interviewing is certainly far different than traditional selling, incorporating elements of a sales pitch in your approach can be instrumental in engaging candidates and helping them learn about everything your organization has to offer. By going beyond typical interviewing protocols, you’ll quickly see candidate response change for the better.  


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