High Turnover Got You Spooked? Boost Retention With These Strategies

October 21, 2019 in HR Best Practices


Do you feel your best talent is constantly funneling through a revolving door? If you’re feeling the impact of a high turnover rate, then it’s time to take control and boost employee retention by making it a top priority at your company.

Most employers know firsthand how poor retention can cut into their profits, quickly becoming detrimental to their bottom line. Fortunately, there are many ways to reverse poor retention and create an environment that keeps your top talent fully engaged – and even excited to come to work each day! Kinsa Group suggests these best strategies for boosting retention and building engagement among your people:


Boost Employee Retention by Incorporating elements of fun.

Remember, your employees spend more time at work than at home with their loved ones. Finding ways to incorporate elements of fun in the workplace will help them find more joy in their jobs and develop a stronger connection with their co-workers – both things that are instrumental to job satisfaction. There are simple and inexpensive ways to make the workday more fun, such as friendly competitions, monthly pot-lucks, or volunteering campaigns. Kinsa Group has implemented these and other events into our culture to maintain a fun atmosphere. When you integrate these types of initiatives yourself, you’ll give your employees incentives to stay motivated and to continue being a part of your mission.

Encourage and reward personal development.

Many employees really take success at their job to heart, striving to perform better for themselves and their company. By recognizing their significant growth and development, you’ll boost morale and show employees you’re invested in their personal success. In addition to verbal recognition, offering the following perks can also give them more incentive to work at your company for the long term:

      1. Adding continuing education or tuition reimbursement perks to your employees’ benefit packages
      2. Informing your employees of local or online training opportunities
      3. Sponsoring an employees’ attendance at an industry or career-related event
      4. Allowing employees the time to attend an industry or career-related event

Seek regular feedback.

Showing your employees that you value their opinions is one of the most powerful ways you can keep them as engaged members of your team. Implementing communication that encourages two-way feedback will allow your employees to contribute their ideas and thoughts to the workplace, and most importantly, have their concerns addressed before they start looking for work elsewhere. As you consider all feedback, you can then take the appropriate action to resolve issues and create a healthier work atmosphere for everyone.

Ready to nip turnover in the bud?

By working with Kinsa Group on your recruiting needs, you’ll be taking the first step toward reducing turnover and building a team of engaged professionals. Our talented recruiters are committed to referring only the best talent in the food and beverage industry, with detailed interview and assessment conversations regarding fit with your organization’s mission, product, and the job’s specific work activities and expectations.

Get in touch with Kinsa Group and learn how a partnership with our Executive Recruiters can help! Kinsa Group is so confident in our recruiting and assessment abilities that we have extended our guarantee terms for your next successful hire.

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