The Pride of Kinsa Group: Our ‘Thank You’ to Essential Workers

May 4, 2020 in Food & Beverage Industry Information, News



In these unprecedented times, we at Kinsa Group would like to take a moment to thank and pay tribute to all the essential workers in the food and beverage industry for their unwavering support and dedication to customers.

Never have employees across the industry – from grocery store clerks and deli managers to restaurant owners and transportation managers – been as crucial to their communities as they are right now. As people are forced to stay indoors to protect others from the coronavirus outbreak, being able to have a meal is taking on a new level of comfort.

Adapt to Serve

Restaurants and foodservice distributors across the country have opened their doors to sell unprepared foods directly to customers as a way to feed families and clear their shelves without wasting ingredients.

Additionally, the Food Industry Association has partnered with the International Foodservice Distributors Association to create a “matching grant” program, linking distributors who have surplus products with retailers and wholesalers with increased demands. These and other creative solutions not only keep restaurants open but also meet the needs of their local communities.

The food and beverage industry’s ability to maneuver abrupt changes and make the most out of them is an incredible feat, to say the least!

Supporting Their Communities

While many in the food and beverage industry have been laid off due to the pandemic, restaurants are doing their best to stay open, offering takeout and delivery service with “contact-free delivery” options for patrons who want to keep extra distance. Many delivery apps are dropping their fees to help support restaurants. GrubHub, for instance, says it will provide an estimated $100 million in relief.

Still, these meals could not be prepared without dedicated staff, from food purchasers to cooks to restaurant owners to drivers. Hungry patrons who want to help keep their favorite restaurants alive during the pandemic are eager to place orders for home delivery in the hopes those locations will reopen when this is over.

Texas-based grocer H-E-B is testing a pilot program wherein its stores are selling ready-made meals from five restaurants in 29 locations across Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. Sales from these meals will go back to the restaurants directly – another way retailers and restaurants are working together to support the food industry.

“We are a family of foodies,” said Dya Campos, Director of Government and Public Affairs for H-E-B, of the effort.

Thank You!!

Kinsa Group is proud to work in partnership with the food and beverage industry and its legion of employees, but never more than now. It is gratifying to see so many companies, large and small, find new and innovative ways to help their communities through this difficult time while working hard to support employees and keep them working as much as possible.

For more than 35 years, Kinsa Group has been a food and beverage industry partner. When you need us, Kinsa Group will be there to provide staffing, education, and recruitment support to you!