Ready to Find Your Next Employee? Hire the Job Hopper!

June 1, 2020 in HR Best Practices



It used to be common practice to stay in one job for an entire career. The food and beverage industry might still have some generational legacies, especially in family-owned businesses or smaller manufacturing and retail operations, but those days are mostly over. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that most people born in the 1980s hold an average of 8 jobs between the ages of 18 and 34, with most employees staying in a position for under five years.

Contrary to the notion that employers should run from a candidate resume typically classified as a job hopper, Kinsa Group shares some benefits that paint a picture quite the opposite. There are plenty of advantages to bringing on a candidate who has worked in several types of food industry jobs and companies!


Give Job Hoppers a Second Thought

Whether you’re a recruiter or a hiring manager, your task is finding the best candidates for the positions available. Don’t dismiss someone with a long resume due to traditional ways of thinking.


The Benefits of Hiring Job Hoppers

Consider the following perks of a candidate with a more diverse work background:

1) People who change jobs tend to be top performers.

If the candidate is moving up while moving around, it’s indicative of a fast learner who wants to excel. Someone with the ability to move quickly and consistently from company to company could be an exceptional employee and a strong candidate to bring on board. Ambition is not something to avoid; instead, it’s worth embracing as it may help foster healthy competition on a team.


2) They could bring helpful information from competitors.

Honoring non-disclosure agreements and abiding by any food and beverage industry trade secrets is essential. However, bringing in a candidate who has worked for a competitor can offer general insight into what others in your industry are developing or what practices they have in place. That kind of on-the-job knowledge is priceless.


3) They’re adaptable and quick to integrate into a new company.

Someone who grew up moving around honed their friend-making skills as a kind of survival technique; the same can be true for people who change jobs frequently. They know what to listen for and how to get up to speed to succeed in a new role.


4) Job hoppers can be easier to recruit.

These candidates want to move up by building their careers and adding to their skills. They can be enticed with opportunities and offers that further their careers. Showing an interest in them and not being deterred by a long resume peppered with short-term stays at other companies, can also be really attractive to a candidate looking to make a move.


5) They’re the future of the industry.

A recent study indicates millennials intend to stay in a job for only a handful of years. The way candidates view work and their careers is changing. It’s better to embrace change than resist it and try to maintain the (outdated) status quo.


6) Don’t believe the myth that training an employee who doesn’t stay is a waste of resources.

A candidate that can acclimate quickly won’t need much training, so the investment is lower. This candidate can hit the ground running and begin contributing to your company almost immediately.


Looking for Top-Tier Candidates? Kinsa Group can help.

Let Kinsa Group can help you find them. With more than 35 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry, we know how to help food and beverage companies adapt to changing times. Contact us today, and we’ll navigate the new world together.


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