Five Job Search Tips That Work

March 1, 2021 in Career and Job Search Tips


Finding a job can be overwhelming as it is and even more so if you are not obtaining results from your efforts. You need job search tips that work.

Our free webinar replay on Kinsa CareerEdge, Kinsa Group’s complementary career portal, provides five tips to help make your job search smarter, not harder.

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During this webinar, the following job search tips are covered in detail.

What Works In Today’s Market

Hard work does not guarantee success in your job search, but a lack of hard work will guarantee failure. A job search can be most frustrating when you are not getting the results you had anticipated. The following techniques do work in today’s market:

1. Select the best targets
• Conduct research
• Reach out to your professional and personal networks
• Identify where you have the best chance of success

2. Identify the right person
• Contact at least two levels above the position you are targeting
• Research the correct names, titles and their LinkedIn Profile

3. Set minimum daily result standards
• Your full-time job is your job search
• Spend no more than 10% on job boards or website postings
• Submit resumes, make calls and identify new targets daily
• Add to your network daily
• Identify the 20% that is providing you with 80% of your results
• Stop doing things that are a waste of your time

4. Customize your resume/CV and cover letters
• The key to schedule interviews are effective keywords
• Refrain from mass mailing your resume/CV
• Limit your resume/CV to two pages
• Ensure your resume and LinkedIn Profile match

5. Master your interviewing skills
• Practice interviewing
• Ask questions that reveal the priorities of everyone in the interview process
• Master the ability to overcome objections
• Set up your follow-up contact after each conversation
• Follow-up stronger than your competition

How To Get The Attention Of Hiring Authorities

You can get the attention of hiring authorities by doing the following things that are different than your competition:

• Use all means of communication
• Direct your correspondence to a specific person
• Show your personality, confidence, and sense of humor – hiring authorities hire individuals who are qualified, but also people they like
• Utilize mailings that are unique
• Always put PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL on everything you mail
• Research the hiring authority and know everything possible about them
• Share social media content posted to your target company’s social media pages

The Importance Of Your Social Media Presence

Your Social Media presence and reputation is your first interview. Most hiring authorities research you on Social Media prior to scheduling an interview. Research yourself online as if you are a hiring authority:

• What impression do you project?
• Would you want to interview or hire you?
• Do you see red flags or areas of concern?

After answering these questions, make necessary adjustments to your social media profiles/presence.

The Dynamic Duo Of LinkedIn And Keywords

All job seekers should create a strong profile on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn Profile, as well as your resume, should highlight keywords most desirable in your chosen field of interest.

Employers will always review who has endorsed you. People like to buy on the approval of others which is why endorsements, testimonials, and references play a big part in you getting hired.

If you’re not sure of appropriate keywords, review job descriptions and write down the words used most often. If you are changing professions or targets, look for any words that would represent transferrable skills like strong written and verbal communication skills, leadership abilities, management, organization skills, etc.

Lastly, it is critically important to do a checkup from the neck, up. Your attitude and expectations play a critical role in your ability to succeed in your job search. If you think you can do something, or you think you can’t – you’re right!

Follow this advice and you will improve your results.

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