You’ve probably heard the advice that you should ask good questions in job interviews. But what makes for a good question?

  • Ask questions that show you’ve done your homework. Go beyond just checking out the employer’s website; for example, Google may lead you to any media coverage the company has received.
  • Ask questions that demonstrate you are paying attention to and processing what the interviewer has told you throughout the interview.
  • Questions that focus on ways you can succeed and provide value are good. For example, “What does success in this job look like at 90 days? 6 months? 3 years?”
  • Also ask some WIFM questions. (“What’s in it for me?”) For example, “what growth opportunities might I expect?” Or, “I’m accustomed to long hours, but I coach my daughter’s soccer league during the summer. Will I be able to schedule family events like that?”

One last tip. Ask good questions through the interview. But always save a couple for the end. Generally one of the last things an interviewer will ask you is “what questions do you have for me?” A couple of strong final questions (I like “what’s your favorite thing about working here?”) can help end your interview on a very positive note.

This blog was written by George Blomgren, Kinsa Group Recruiting Manager.

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