Why Did I Get This Email From Kinsa?

October 11, 2021 in Career and Job Search Tips, News



Nearly every time Kinsa gets a new job opening to recruit for with one of our food and beverage industry clients, we send an email to carefully selected contacts with a profile in our internal network.

While these messages are mostly well-received – many food and beverage industry executives and professionals have followed us for years specifically because of them – we sometimes get a little push back from contacts who feel the open position isn’t a good fit for them personally. What causes that feeling and response, and what can we do about it? Let’s consider some common examples:

  • This position is well below my experience level. We may well have an old resume or job title in our database for you, therefore, we are inadvertently targeting the candidate you were 5 or 10 years ago. Sending us an updated resume (upload or email) is the simple solution to that problem. We like to stay in touch with you for your entire career in the food and beverage industry!
  • I suspect this position is well below my compensation target. If we know your current or desired base salary, we will do our best to only send you relevant opportunities. Give us a call or email to update your confidential desired salary info; because when possible, we filter to only send you relevant opportunities.
  • This position doesn’t align well with my qualifications. We do our best, usually based on a referral to you we received, your resume (if you’ve ever provided one), or your LinkedIn profile (if we are connected with you and can link to it), but we may have misunderstood your industry sector or job skills if any of those things are incomplete in our confidential profile for you. Submit a new resume, and we’ll send you a survey link to fill in some of the other details so we better know what roles you want to hear about.
  • You sent the email to the wrong email address! (For example, a work email or an old email address you rarely use.) We send emails to the email address listed on your resume (if we have one), or on your online profile (wherever you linked up with us). Otherwise, we send emails to the address provided by someone who referred you to us (often a work colleague who only knows your work email address) or your business card (if we met you at an industry trade show or event).  Email us at recruiter@kinsa.com, letting us know to update your preferred email address and we’ll do that right away!

There are other examples like you no longer live where the job is located, you are retired, your career has changed direction, etc. Uploading a new resume or sending one to recruiter@kinsa.com is usually the best solution. Or, call our Recruiters at 414-421-2000 if your concern is a little more involved.


Most importantly though, keep in mind that referrals often lead to the best job candidates for our client employers!

The position we sent to you via email may be a step backward, it may be in the wrong geography, or it may just not be the right time for you. But we find that food industry professionals generally know other food industry professionals, especially those with similar backgrounds. You may not be the perfect fit for my open Food Science or Plant Manager position, but chances are very good you have worked with someone who may be!

If that person gets hired, you get a $500 referral bonus.  In that case – Refer a Colleague today!