The Great Resignation Continues…

January 17, 2022 in HR Best Practices



Demand for Work-life Balance Sends Workers on a Job Hunt

Since the pandemic began, it has affected the job market in many ways. For instance, this past year, a unique thing happened as the U.S. started emerging from the pandemic.

  • Instead of workers debating whether they wanted to go back to the office full-time or even just a couple of days a week, many just made the decision to not go back at all and ultimately quit!

The pandemic, alongside the rise of remote work, has changed the way we view our lives and the world.

“The Great Resignation” is real and can be seen across virtually all industries. As workers look for roles with more work-life balance, remote work will need to be a bigger part of food and beverage industry career options going forward.

Check out specific roles in the Food and Beverage Industry that must consider a remote work option in Kinsa’s recent blog post:  “Has Your Food & Beverage Company Adjusted To The New Remote Workforce Model?”

When the dust settles from the Great Resignation, remote and hybrid work will from now on make up a significant portion of job options for the talented professionals you are looking to hire.

What can your company do to be competitive for talent?

  • A successful company will go the extra mile to ensure that a positive, engaging culture that existed on-site continues as its employees are spread out in this new remote or hybrid work environment.
  • Company leaders must engage employees with their mission and purpose, creating pride in and loyalty to the organization.
  • Ongoing development conversations about ways your talented employees can grow their skills and acquire new ones will be of utmost importance.

All in all, in order to remain competitive in attracting top talent and retaining employees, companies must be flexible and adapt.

Kinsa Group has been a trusted ally for the food and beverage industry for 37 years and continues to provide remote recruiting support daily across North America. Contact us today for more information on how we can work together to attract top talent – remote or onsite – to your company.

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