Meaningful Work Is Important to Job Seekers

June 20, 2022 in Career and Job Search Tips, HR Best Practices



Highlighting a section of Kinsa Group’s 2022 Food & Beverage Salary Guide – Food Industry professionals and executives often say that what they do is more important than the money they make. Job Seekers are looking for these 4 things in addition to compensation:

  1. Rewarding Work: Engaged professionals want to stay with employers who have a strong mission and cultural values. They need to “make a difference,” so show them the meaning behind their work. Also explain how their work contributes to the big picture.
  2. Flexibility: Top professionals are largely self-motivated. Give your employees clear goals, technology resources, and support but then step out of the way as much as possible. Do this by giving them control over when and where they work, as long as they meet agreed-upon objectives.
  3. Appreciation and Recognition: While high-performers are typically fueled by their own need to achieve, they also value recognition for a job well done or a thank you showing your appreciation for their dedication.
  4. Career Growth: Keep them working for you by helping your professionals continually grow. You can accomplish this with opportunities for job advancement and career development.

2022 Food & Beverage Salary Guide

Kinsa Group’s Salary Guide release for 2022 highlights both salary range and median base salary compensation for several job titles in the food and beverage industry. Most importantly, the data may be used by both employers and job seekers to gauge current market salaries and evaluate pay trends.

Want the full salary guide? Download it now for free to get access to the range and median of food and beverage salaries from food safety to supply chain and sales to c-suite.

Food and Beverage Salaries: What’s Accurate?

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