When to Use a Recruitment Firm | 5 Questions to Ask

November 21, 2022 in HR Best Practices



If you are considering using a recruiting firm for your food and beverage business’ hiring needs but want to learn more about the benefits first, Kinsa Group discusses 5 questions below that you should ask yourself.

How can a recruiting firm like Kinsa Group help you with your hiring challenges?

1. Did you post a job and didn’t get the applicants you wanted? At Kinsa Group your Recruiter contacts and interviews candidates sourced from Kinsa Group’s food and beverage talent database of over 115,000 professionals. We also cold-call target companies, seek out referrals, tap into our social networks, and peruse websites.

2. Have a “use it or lose it” recruiting budget remaining in 2022 for elusive critical hires? Hiring on your own can be an expensive, time-consuming and frustrating process – so don’t do it alone. Contact us today to get started.

3. Have you settled for underwhelming performance because you’re afraid of this candidate market? Kinsa Group can help. We provide a complimentary consult on target compensation, realistic search criteria, the climate of the current marketplace, and the expected recruiting timeline.

4. Have a vacancy that is costing you money while it goes unfilled? By working with a search firm, you save your HR department the time and expense associated with screening résumés, arranging and conducting initial interviews, and checking candidate references. This frees your internal staff to focus on other key priorities. Kinsa can identify and recruit the talent you need saving you time and money!

5. How long can you wait for the “perfect candidate”? Be careful, or you’ll lose the staff you’re leaning on too heavily while you delay hiring.  A recruitment firm with industry specialization, such as Kinsa Group, can leverage its experience, industry contacts, and recruiting economies of scale to produce results faster.

Looking to Hire a Food & Beverage Employee?

Let Kinsa’s team of experienced food and beverage industry executive recruiters identify the talented professionals that can fill these spots at your table. We look forward to helping you find the talent your business needs to move forward. Contact us today!

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This blog was written by Laurie Hyllberg, Kinsa Group Vice PresidentConnect with her on LinkedIn.

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