First 90 Days in a New Job: How to Succeed

March 20, 2023 in Career and Job Search Tips, First 90 Days in New Job



You got the job! Now what? Now it’s time to plan your road to success for your first 90 days in your new job! The first 90 days in a new job are critical in any industry. Here is what you need to focus on to be successful:

Build Relationships With the Team and Key Players

You will want to spend time with peers, direct and indirect reports. Gradually build relationships by asking neutral questions about work and/or outside interests (but avoid getting too personal too quickly). Attend after-work social events or participate in volunteer opportunities to get to know your team better. Building these relationships will make it easier to reach out to these contacts when you have a question or require help in your new role.

Ideally, your company will introduce you to key stakeholders and colleagues, however, the reality is that many organizations are not entirely effective at their onboarding and orientation processes. That means it’s up to you to be proactive – it’s absolutely essential to earn the respect of your boss, peers, and subordinates in the early stages of a new role. Without respect, you won’t find success.

Be Confident and Show Your Strengths

Believing in yourself is key to succeeding in a new job. A new role really offers you a clean slate. That means you have the opportunity to highlight your best qualities and improve upon the job and work characteristics you know you need to. The first 90 days are about sending the right message about your standards. Overall, 90 days is not a lot of time, but you can still set a foundation for long-term success.

With that, remember you can’t expect to have achieved goals A, B, and C in the first 3 months. Instead, start small. You should try to attain small goals that will show alignment for yourself with your new organization and their goals for the role they hired you into.

Define Success With Your New Boss

In the first few months at your new job, be sure to have regular discussions with your manager to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with your position – as well as the entire organization. Doing this will strengthen your connection and build a solid foundation for open, honest communication right away.

Also, remember to ask for feedback if they aren’t providing any, and even better you can ask for a review. Feedback or a review is a great way to learn what you’ve done well and how you can improve in your new role. Plus, asking for a review will show that you take initiative, which your new boss will most likely appreciate!

At the end of the first 90 days you should:

  • Have built strong relationships with key players and co-workers at your level.
  • Know the changes you want to make in the months ahead.
  • Achieve small personal goals.

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