Is Now the Time to Change Our Sick Leave Policy?

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic in March 2020, an estimated 4 in 10 hourly workers did not have any paid sick leave — something that often applies to restaurant staff and even non-salaried workers in food and beverage processing or distribution. The Department of Labor also notes that there is no federal mandate for… Read more »

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The Go-To Food & Beverage Interview Question Guide It is not always the most qualified person who gets hired; it is often the person who interviews the best. During an interview you need to effectively answer questions, stress your accomplishments, overcome any areas of concern, and know what questions to ask. An interview is the… Read more »

How to Eliminate Hidden Biases

People aren’t perfect. It’s something we all know to be true. When it comes to the hiring process, our imperfections could come out in unconscious and hidden biases. For food and beverage industry hiring managers, now is a great time to look at your recruiting and hiring practices and see where preferences might be overshadowing… Read more »

How to be Prepared for Another Potential Disruption in the Food Supply Chain

This year has been challenging for anyone in the food and beverage industry: from unexpected closings, to keeping supply chains running, to wondering whether a company will even make it through the year. It may not have been dire for everyone, of course, but there are some valuable lessons to be learned to prepare for… Read more »

KinsaGroup_FbJune-Preventing a Bad Hire- Look Out for These Red Flags During The Interview

The interview process is crucial for all hiring managers looking to add the right new employee to a team. It’s an opportunity to determine whether a candidate might be an ideal fit for the food and beverage industry position to which they’ve applied. Recruiters and hiring managers should trust their instincts if they feel someone isn’t being totally… Read more »


Hint: the perfect candidate doesn’t exist! You’ll waste time and money trying to find them. But wait, what about all the job seekers on the market? You’re saying I can’t find my perfect candidate from what’s currently available?   Perfect is a construct that just doesn’t exist. Human Resources might be looking for the perfect candidate… Read more »

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Is Your Company Culture Poised for a Successful Remote Workforce?

Although many food and beverage companies have to bring employees into their facilities daily to make food (manufacturers and restaurants) or sell food (grocery and convenience stores), others have settled into a new routine that doesn’t involve coming into a work building every day. Finding a rhythm that works and ways to be productive, ensuring… Read more »