“Here we go again…” “Why does everyone else seem to have all the luck?” “What else could possibly go wrong today?” Admit it.  At one point or another, you’ve had thoughts like these.  I know I have.  But while it’s perfectly normal to occasionally fall prey to negative thoughts – especially after losing a job… Read more »

Implementing a faulty or sloppy employee review system can put your company at risk.  One misstep can lead a disgruntled employee to “pull the trigger” on a hairy lawsuit.  So as a responsible manager, how do you keep your company out of the crosshairs? Here is a quick list of best practices for ensuring your performance… Read more »

By Dani Friedland on 2/16/2010 The nation’s third largest lunchmeat brand is going digital to connect with the primary sandwich maker in many homes: mothers. Land O’Frost has launched Land O’Moms, a social network where moms can download coupons, read blogs, browse sandwich recipes and find information from sources like Family Circle magazine. “Now more… Read more »

You probably know that Facebook is a great tool for keeping in touch with friends.  But did you know it’s also a great business tool?  Used properly, this social networking sight can help you market your products, connect with current and potential customers, and enhance your business image. If you want to use FB as… Read more »

One of the only constants in our industry is change.  How will your business adapt to changes in consumer buying habits?  How will the radical changes that occurred in 2009 impact the future of your organization? Tony Perazzo, a partner in the San Francisco office of Grant Thornton, LLP, recently contributed his thoughts on the… Read more »

“If it weren’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done.” “Two rules of procrastination:  1.  Do it today.  2.  Tomorrow will be today tomorrow.” Although I can’t tell you who came up with these gems (authors are unknown), I can tell you this:  the quotes may be funny, but the consequences of habitual… Read more »

Use job postings as a source for industry keywords that you should include in your résumé and your online profiles. Make sure your résumé plays up your skills and achievements.  Employers want to know what your capabilities are and how your skills will help them overcome their organizational challenges.

By: Brent Kendall | The Wall Street Journal The Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit Friday seeking to undo Dean Foods Co.’s 2009 acquisition of Foremost Farms USA’s consumer-products division. The legal challenge marks the first time the Obama administration’s antitrust team at the Justice Department, led by Christine Varney, has sued to block or… Read more »

“I’m sorry, but all I can do is verify this person’s name, title and dates of employment.” Sound familiar? These days, getting an honest and reliable reference can be a real challenge.  HR is cautious.  Supervisors are too busy.  And often, the references provided are afraid or unwilling to give honest feedback.  So how do… Read more »

“Rightsizing.”  “Staff reduction.”  “Position elimination.” Regardless of what you call it, a layoff still hurts when it happens to you.  And in today’s economy, it seems to be happening far too often. But while you may not be able to control whether or not you lose your job, you can control how you handle the situation. … Read more »