2010 is just a few days away. With the new decade will come a new set of priorities and challenges for the food and beverage industry.  From impending governmental and regulatory changes to gradual shifts in consumer buying habits, companies in our industry will need to change tacks to stay ahead of the curve. FoodProcessing.com recently asked… Read more »

Feel like there are too few hours in a day?  Running on little sleep?  Concerned about your job, your family, or the economy? Combine these every day pressures with the additional strain of the holidays and you have a recipe for STRESS.  Here are four quick steps to help you beat it: Step 1:  Breathe… Read more »

With budget constraints remaining a key concern for food and beverage industry employers, you may be tempted to “go it alone” the next time you have a job opening to fill.  But before you start posting to job boards, consider these key advantages a recruitment firm can provide: Improved focus.  Outsourcing the recruitment process, or… Read more »

Ever notice how certain people always seem to have great jobs?  You know – the ones who are always working on a consistent basis, even in shaky industries and during uncertain times.  So, what are their secrets to success? According to Deborah Brown-Volkman, President of Surpass Your Dreams, Inc., these people make their own luck.  Rather than being reactive,… Read more »

At Kinsa Group, we realize how critical it is for you to stay on top of the latest trends, newest products, and most recent scientific innovations affecting the food and beverage industry. To make it easier for you to learn about relevant industry events, here are a few links to comprehensive 2010 calendars: Meatingplace.com’s 2010 Industry… Read more »

In last week’s post I reviewed some of the findings from this year’s Food Packaging Trends study.  One surprising trend is that, despite the economic downturn, industry executives are committed to increasing sustainability initiatives. But while it’s easy for a food packaging company to say they’re “going green,” some experts claim these businesses are “walking… Read more »

Every year, the Food Packaging Trends study helps us stay abreast of important shifts in North America’s food and beverage industry.  This year’s results reflect the impact of economic constraints on operations, as well as the importance of improving sustainability and flexibility. Here are some of the study’s key findings: Tighter belts.  45% of survey… Read more »

Congratulations – you’ve been invited in for an interview with a leading food & beverage employer.  This opportunity really has potential, and you want to nail the interview.  Now what?  Review this list of tips to make sure you have all your bases covered: Revisit your resume.  Make sure you know dates of employment, responsibilities,… Read more »

What business isn’t looking to control expenses? Staffing firms offer many effective solutions for reducing overhead, managing operating costs and improving organizational performance. Used effectively, staffing services can save you more than they cost. Here are some key ways you can use staffing to reduce costs in your organization: Convert fixed expenses to variable. Develop… Read more »