How High Performing Companies Manage Change

The following blog appeared on Sharlyn Lauby’s HR Bartender blog. Sharlyn is an HR pro turned consultant.  Want a competitive edge? The key is all about the way a company knows how to manage change. It totally makes sense. Dr. Peter Senge shared with us that learning organizations strive to continuous improve. And continuous improvement makes the… Read more »

How is a Ghost Chili Like Employee Retention?

They’re both really hot! With an improving economy and job market, employee retention is back in the spotlight. So today, Kinsa begins a series of posts designed to help you keep your top performers – and keep from getting burned (by voluntary quits, that is – if you eat ghost chilies, you’re on your own!)…. Read more »

The Power of Recognition to Increase Manager Success

Make People Feel Appreciated The following article about the power of employee recognition appeared in our parent company’s e-newsletter, HR Insights. Most leaders receive surprisingly little development before assuming their first supervisory roles. In fact, many get no leadership training at all until they’ve been in the executive ranks for nearly a decade–reaching, on average,… Read more »

Solutions for a Dysfunctional Team

The following article appeared in our parent company’s e-newsletter, HR Insights. Strategic Human Resources Inc. addresses a question about how to get a dysfunctional team back on track. Question: I have a cross-functional team of very competent employees that used to be effective, but recently seem to have lost their way. There is occasional in-fighting… Read more »

Why Didn’t Anybody Come to My Party? Driving Engagement in Your Talent Community

Is that talent community of yours humming like a hive of bees – or chirping like a field of crickets? We hope it’s the latter. But if not, today’s post is for you! In our last talent community post, we covered the basics for how to begin building one, including: Analyzing your talent inventory Developing… Read more »

Get Out of the Kiddie Pool! Tips for Building a Food & Beverage Talent Community

Want to hire quicker and more cost-effectively? Then you can’t rely on the tepid waters of a talent pool – they dry up too quickly! Don’t get us wrong: An applicant tracking system is great tool for building a pool of potential candidates. Communication with a talent pool, however, is one-way – and generally provides… Read more »

Are Annual Performance Appraisals Disappearing?

The following article appeared in our parent company’s e-newsletter, HR Insights. Strategic Human Resources Inc. ponders this question and provides insight on delivering meaningful employee reviews.  In an article in The Washington Post, several major firms reported they were either eliminating or drastically revising their annual performance reviews.  While the cheers from employees and managers might be… Read more »

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: 4 Ways to Identify Top Talent

Every food & beverage employer wants to hire top professionals – people who make a real impact and consistently perform well above expectations. And with good reason. According to research cited in Harvard Business Review, the best performers are roughly four times as productive as average performers. Four times! In today’s employment market, however, exceptional… Read more »

Perks Attract Employees – They Don’t Keep Them

The following article appeared in our parent company’s e-newsletter, HR Insights. In it, HR writer Nicole Maddy provides compelling rationale on why perks attract employees but do not work as an employee retention tool. We have moved into a new era of employee benefits. While traditional employee benefits such as healthcare, PTO, and retirement matching… Read more »

Why Onboarding is Crucial to Retaining Employees

Eric Magnussen, VP of Talent for a 5,200 employee organization, explains the benefits of a sound onboarding program to foster employee retention.  Imagine your first day on a new job. You arrive and no one is waiting to greet you or your HR representative is running late. When you do get started, you are asked… Read more »