The Anchor Effect: How to Make a Great Impression on Your Interviewer

Ever heard of the “anchor effect”? If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, here’s a quick overview of how it works: When you meet someone new, your brain quickly latches onto assumptions that create the “anchor” for every evaluation you make about them thereafter. Why? The human brain loves patterns and predictably. So, in an attempt… Read more »

The Words You Never Want to Hear from Your Best Food & Beverage Talent

“A recruiter from our biggest competitor just called me – and I liked what I heard.” Your best employees may never utter these words to you (for obvious reasons), but that doesn’t mean they’re safe from poaching. Make no mistake: In today’s market, your competitors are actively pursuing your high performers. What’s the best way… Read more »

Why Are Some Food & Beverage Professionals 40X MORE LIKELY to Be Contacted on LinkedIn?

It’s pretty simple: they’ve achieved “All-Star” status. In fact, professionals with a LinkedIn All-Star rating are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. Forty times! More than likely, you already have a profile – but if all you’ve done is uploaded your resume, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to differentiate yourself… Read more »

Gold Watch Sales are Tanking – 5 Smarter Investments to Increase Job Tenure for High Performers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average employee tenure is under five years. It’s even lower for Millennials – the very employees who will constitute 75% of your workforce by 2025. The writing is on the wall. Your young, high-performing food & beverage professionals aren’t likely to stay with you long enough to earn… Read more »

Kinsa CareerEdge January Webinars

August 2018 Kinsa CareerEdge Webinars

Register today for the following free webinars on Kinsa CareerEdge. Login or create an account; then click the WEBINAR Tab to reserve your spot.         –Topic:  Get a FRESH START in 2015 – Interview Strategies That Produce the Best Results – Date:  Wednesday, January 7th – Time:  12:00 pm Eastern – Registration Link:… Read more »

Kinsa Finds The Ideal Quality Candidate for Iconic Food Brand

Our client, a recognized world leader in the restaurant category, sought Kinsa’s recruiting assistance for a contingency search for their critical Director of Global Quality & Food Safety need. They needed a talented professional with experience leading QA teams in the QSR industry or for a global iconic food brand. They also desired experience working… Read more »

Make Yourself a Stronger Food & Beverage Candidate by Sharing Others’ Content

Looking for fresh ways to stand out from job competitors and get noticed by recruiters? Maintaining a professional blog or social media account is a perfect place to start. Well written content is ideal for: showcasing your business acumen; sharing your unique thoughts; and demonstrating that you stay current on trends affecting your industry. But… Read more »

Off the Beaten Path: 5 Unusual Ideas for Accelerating Your Food & Beverage Career Growth

Your resume may get you hired, but it won’t get you promoted. Getting ahead in your food & beverage career depends on what you achieve, how you present yourself and the choices you make at work each day. So stack the deck in your favor with these five career growth tips. Admittedly, they’re a bit… Read more »

Get Outside Your Food & Beverage Career “Comfort Zone”

Push yourself. Stretch yourself. Get outside of your “comfort zone.” At several points in your career, you’ll be faced with a critical choice: grow or stagnate. The path you take will be largely determined by your willingness to take critical new roles that stretch you. Challenge you. And, frankly, make you a little uncomfortable. Whether… Read more »

From Food Scientist to R&D Manager: Deserve a Promotion? Say the Right Things to Your Boss

Have you been called an overachiever? Are you bored with your current responsibilities and ready for fresh challenges? Do you think you’re the perfect choice for a promotion that’s available in your company? Then it’s time for a conversation with your boss. Most good leaders want their employees to succeed and grow, but they may… Read more »