Preventing a Bad Hire: Look Out for These Red Flags During an Interview

KinsaGroup_FbJune-Preventing a Bad Hire- Look Out for These Red Flags During The Interview

The interview process is crucial for all hiring managers looking to add the right new employee to a team. It’s an opportunity to determine whether a candidate might be an ideal fit for the food and beverage industry position to which they’ve applied. Recruiters and hiring managers should trust their instincts if they feel someone isn’t being totally… Read more »

Don’t Hire the Perfect Candidate


Hint: the perfect candidate doesn’t exist! You’ll waste time and money trying to find them. But wait, what about all the job seekers on the market? You’re saying I can’t find my perfect candidate from what’s currently available?   Perfect is a construct that just doesn’t exist. Human Resources might be looking for the perfect candidate… Read more »