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New Ways of Doing Business in the Food and Beverage Industry

February 9, 2010 in HR Best Practices


One of the only constants in our industry is change.  How will your business adapt to changes in consumer buying habits?  How will the radical changes that occurred in 2009 impact the future of your organization? Tony Perazzo, a partner in the San Francisco office of Grant Thornton, LLP, recently contributed his thoughts on the […]


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How to Make a Graceful Exit if You Lose Your Job

January 19, 2010 in Career and Job Search Tips


“Rightsizing.”  “Staff reduction.”  “Position elimination.” Regardless of what you call it, a layoff still hurts when it happens to you.  And in today’s economy, it seems to be happening far too often. But while you may not be able to control whether or not you lose your job, you can control how you handle the situation.  […]


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Teambuilding: Seven Steps to Motivate & Improve Performance

January 5, 2010 in HR Best Practices


Question:  What’s the one thing you can do to motivate employees, build camaraderie, and strengthen leadership – all while helping your staff understand company goals and vision? Answer:  Hold a team-building event.  It’s a great way to boost the morale and spirit of any group.  And (despite the collective groan I can hear echoing through […]


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Top Reasons to Use a Recruitment Firm

December 8, 2009 in HR Best Practices


With budget constraints remaining a key concern for food and beverage industry employers, you may be tempted to “go it alone” the next time you have a job opening to fill.  But before you start posting to job boards, consider these key advantages a recruitment firm can provide: Improved focus.  Outsourcing the recruitment process, or […]


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Six Steps to Ensure You Always Have a Job

December 1, 2009 in Career and Job Search Tips


Ever notice how certain people always seem to have great jobs?  You know – the ones who are always working on a consistent basis, even in shaky industries and during uncertain times.  So, what are their secrets to success? According to Deborah Brown-Volkman, President of Surpass Your Dreams, Inc., these people make their own luck.  Rather than being reactive, […]


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What’s Going On: Links to 2010 Food & Beverage Industry Events

November 17, 2009 in HR Best Practices


At Kinsa Group, we realize how critical it is for you to stay on top of the latest trends, newest products, and most recent scientific innovations affecting the food and beverage industry. To make it easier for you to learn about relevant industry events, here are a few links to comprehensive 2010 calendars:’s 2010 Industry […]


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Smart Tips to Nail Your Next Interview

October 20, 2009 in Career and Job Search Tips, Interview Tips


Congratulations – you’ve been invited in for an interview with a leading food & beverage employer.  This opportunity really has potential, and you want to nail the interview.  Now what?  Review this list of tips to make sure you have all your bases covered: Revisit your resume.  Make sure you know dates of employment, responsibilities, […]


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