Recruitment Marketing: Time to Put on That Marketing Hat

August 24, 2015 in HR Best Practices


Charles Coy, senior director of analyst and community relations at Cornerstone OnDemand says the transactional approach to recruiting and ‘spray and pray’ tactics no longer work. Instead, he says, HR Pros need to adopt a recruitment marketing approach – aka ‘put on their marketing hat’ – and think like a marketer when it comes to attracting […]


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Talent Gap Looms as Global Economy Improves

May 11, 2010 in HR Best Practices


According to a worldwide survey of senior managers, years of staff cutbacks have undermined trust in the workplace. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s new report, titled “Companies at the Crossroads,” recommends that to restore that trust, companies must put their employees first  – or risk experiencing deep talent erosion and sustained underperformance as the global economy recovers. Here are some […]


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